Ashley Piercing

If you enjoy getting piercings, Ashley’s piercing is for you. The vertical labret is a lip piercing style you might be familiar with. However, a hipper variation of this piercing is known as the Ashley piercing.

What is Ashley Piercing?

Before we define it, have you ever wondered why the Ashley piercing is called that? Many believe it was named after the first individual to have or create one of these piercings. However, it is still being determined which of them is accurate. When you develop a hole in the center of your bottom lip, this is known as the Ashley lip piercing. Instead of vertically piercing the labret, the puncture is typically made by indenting an inch upward from the lip’s outline. As a result, it’s sometimes referred to as the “inverse vertical labret piercing.” The jewelry’s end emerges from the mouth when you enter it. As a result, just the front of the piercing is visible from the outside, making it a single lip piercing type. Although studs are the more common choice in this instance, you can instead choose an Ashley piercing bar or hoop.

Pain Level of Ashley Piercing

Pain Level of Ashley Piercing

The Ashley piercing doesn’t hurt much despite being on the delicate lip. Most patients only feel minor discomfort, which passes quickly. While much of the agony you experience will depend on your pain threshold, a qualified piercer can instruct you in breathing techniques and complete the piercing fast and painlessly, minimizing your discomfort. Finding a trustworthy piercer for your Ashley piercing requires investigation, so do that now.

You may notice some swelling and throbbing after getting pierced. This is entirely normal. The piercer will fit you with a lengthier beginning jewelry item to compensate for swelling. Keep a watch on your Ashley piercing jewelry over the first few days to ensure the ends don’t rub against the piercing. If this occurs, you’ll need to see your piercer so they can replace your jewelry with a more significant piece. It would help if you moved to a smaller piece of jewelry closer to your lip once the swelling subsided after a few days. This will prevent you from accidentally chewing on the jewelry while eating by keeping it away from your teeth.

Healing Time of Ashley Piercing

Healing Time of Ashley Piercing

The Ashley piercing usually takes 3 to 4 months to heal. Nevertheless, the length of time may vary based on your post-operative treatment and your body’s potential for healing. Before discontinuing aftercare procedures, you should have a piercer check the area to ensure that recovery is complete because piercings can also seem entirely healed before they are.

Risk Factors of Ashley Piercing

Risk Factors of Ashley Piercing


Making a piercing that extends from the outside to the inside of the lip increases the danger of getting an infection. Food can get stuck in the piercing itself, making it practically difficult to have one on the inside of the lip. Seek medical treatment if you have persistent swelling, redness, burning, itching, or severe pain since these symptoms could indicate an infection.


A scar may result if your jewelry irritates the skin while it heals and extra trauma is inflicted upon it. These might interfere with the piercing site, but they aren’t hazardous in the long run. Additionally, if irritation is ignored or untreated, keloids may develop. These clumps of scar tissue can form around the piercing site; they are not unpleasant but can get quite large.


With Ashley piercings, you can anticipate it. Lip piercings frequently swell. Ashley piercings need to be replaced as soon as they have fully healed since the bar used by the piercer is often longer than necessary to account for the swelling. If you see swelling or your jewelry starts to feel a little looser after the healing process, don’t be alarmed – it’s natural and mending!

Aftercare for Ashley Piercing

Aftercare for Ashley Piercing

You must pay extra attention to your piercing aftercare procedures because of the unique position of the Ashley piercing. You should avoid touching or moving the new jewelry too much to prevent damage to the surrounding skin, like with all new piercings. But because the piercing is right on the lips, it might be challenging to adhere to this regulation. Here are some aftercare guidelines particular to Ashley to aid you as you heal:

Pay close attention to the new jewelry, especially during the initial healing weeks. Risks linked with this piercing include jewelry rejection, the trauma resulting in unattractive scars, and breaking the teeth on your jewelry. As a result, this is one piercing that shouldn’t have careless aftercare procedures.

Keep your Hands off the Jewelry

This will be pretty challenging because it’s in the center of your lip, especially if you have a nervous tendency to chew on your lips. However, playing with your jewelry before the piercing has fully healed could result in issues like stretched puncture holes or hypertrophic scarring.

Maintain a Toothbrush Nearby for Everyday Use

Oral hygiene is essential for piercing with an exit hole inside the mouth. You must be cautious when eating around the front and back of your piercing because the Ashley piercing is on the lips. To prevent infection, it’s a good idea to always have a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand so you can quickly brush your teeth between meals, even when you’re on the go.

It would be best if you avoided too-tight Jewelry

Embedded jewelry puts all piercings at risk, but since the Ashley piercing swells faster than others, you’ll need to pay particular attention. Talk to your jeweler right away if you think your jewelry is too small; they can then determine whether you need a more oversized item.

Guard your Teeth

It can be dangerous to bite on new jewelry, but you should also watch out for any tooth damage from the back of your jewelry rubbing against your teeth while you talk or chew. Although switching to a more petite stud should reduce wear against your teeth, some contact with them is still likely. It would help to watch for enamel wear, chipping, or receding gum lines throughout your piercing.

No Gloss for Lips

The way this piercing looks gorgeous with the right jewelry and eye-catching lip colors is one of its most attractive features. You must, however, wait until your piercing is completely healed before applying foreign objects, such as lipstick, to the pierced region. You should always consult a piercer before using bright lip colors since the inside of a piercing heals more slowly than the outside.

Watch your Diet

Stick to soft foods during the first few days after getting pierced while you adjust to the new jewelry. This will lessen the possibility of unintentionally biting into the latest jewelry item. Avoid acidic or spicy foods while you’re recuperating. In addition to being excruciatingly uncomfortable for the piercing, it will irritate the delicate healing skin, which could leave a scar or piercing bumps.

Never use Mouthwash containing Alcohol

This will hurt and irritate the piercing, like spicy or acidic meals. Use mouthwash without alcohol instead or saline solution to rinse your mouth.

Ashley Piercing Jewelry

Ashley Piercing Jewelry

Labret Studs

The Ashley piercing only allows flat-back lip jewelry to be worn. The jewelry must have a flat back so that it won’t cause problems by rubbing on your gums and teeth. Although few jewelry styles are available, you can be creative with different jewelry endings and choose between luxurious and spectacular or sleek and minimalist.

Try bolder gemstones for a look that won’t go unnoticed, or daintier labret stud ends for a sweet, simple look. A plain 14k gold ball is an option, as are adorable charms, precious stones like diamonds, opals, or even tiny pearls. For this piercing, the bezel setting is especially ideal because it enables you to display a sparkling gemstone in a slick and cozy environment. This piercing is a favorite to pair with other lip piercings, a septum or nose piercing, or both because of its understated appearance.

Cost of Ashley Piercing

The cost of an Ashley piercing depends on several variables, including the location of the shop and the amount of experience of the piercer. Therefore, if you’re a citizen of the US, your fee can range from $30 to $55. The price ranges from £25 to £60 for residents of the UK. An Ashley piercing in Europe ranges from €30 to €55. It would help if you remembered that piercings should never be rushed, especially on someone as complicated as Ashley. Make sure to only give this job to a skilled piercer with a solid hand and a ton of good feedback.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ashley Piercing is an attractive and distinctive way to express oneself that has become increasingly well-known in recent years. Its tasteful positioning on the lower lip, paired with a delicate stud or hoop, produces a dramatic look that unapologetically draws attention. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Ashley Piercing represents independence, self-assurance, and defiance of socially prescribed beauty ideals. People can redefine their styles and defy social norms while proudly embracing who they are. This piercing can significantly enhance one’s appearance with careful thinking and appropriate management. Therefore, Ashley Piercing can be the best option if you’re looking for a piercing that combines grace with an edge. Accept your beauty, and let this daring item reflect your adventurous nature.

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