Nose Piercing Care: Pro Tips for Optimal Healing

Nose piercing is the most famous piercing among all others. The reason for fame is that many people want to change their looks. So, they prefer nose piercing because it looks pretty. This piercing is very unique to your face. So, you must get this piercing to give a stylish look to your face.

When you decide to take a nose piercing. Make sure to find the right, licensed and expert piercer. Not only this, you should also follow some preventive measures and aftercare rules to keep your piercing in good condition. This way, you may save your piercing from infection.

Nose Piercing Cleaning Guidelines:

Aftercare Rules

According to experts, you must clean the pierced area at least two times a day. For this, make sure to use a warm saline solution. Moreover, you should avoid touching the piercing while cleaning.

Not only this, avoid playing and twisting the jewelry. If you follow the aftercare rules. Then your piercing will heal faster without any infection.

Make sure not to use antiseptics, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Neosporin and Bactine when your piercing is not healed. Moreover, you must avoid the entry of soap when you wash your face. Not only this, you must avoid using cotton balls. The reason is that when you use cotton, the fibers enter the piercing and are trapped in it.

Commonly, it takes almost 5-7 months for your piercing to heal completely. This duration may vary based on the types of jewelry. Make sure to clean your piercing for at least 6 months.

Cleaning Method

The following are steps that you must follow in the cleaning of piercing:

  • Though the nose is rich in many bacteria. So, when you touch it with dirty hands. These bacteria multiply and cause infection.
  • Make sure to apply and clean your piercing with a warm saline solution. Using this solution, wash your piercing at least three times a day. The solution protects your piercing from infection and bacterial growth.
  • Make sure not to use cotton balls. The reason is that when you use cotton, the fibers trapped in the piercing and cause irritation. For this, you must use a saline wipe on the inner and outer portions. Then after five minutes, wipe out crusting and discharge using a saline wipe.
  • Make sure to clean the piercing at least two times a day until it heals completely. During cleaning, you must focus on cleaning the inner and outer nostrils.
  • Make sure not to blow your nose until your piercing heals completely.
  • Make sure to keep the jewelry on the nose as clean as possible. If you are using metal jewelry. Then make sure to wash it with mild soap.

To make the saline solution, you have to add a spoon of non-iodized salt to a quart of warm distilled water.

Nose Piercing Bumps:

Don’t worry that bumps appear around the pierced area. It is a common issue and appears when you don’t focus on proper cleaning. Most of the time, these appear on the pierced site because of mild infection. So, make sure to clean your piercing regularly.

There are many causes of this infection. These include improper aftercare, dirty piercing tools, allergic jewelry and much more. So, it is important for you to follow all the aftercare rules.


No matter whether you take a piercing on the nose or any other area. You always need to follow aftercare rules to protect your piercing. Make sure to care for your nose piercing until it heals completely. This way, you may minimize the chances of infection to your piercing.

Some people don’t know the time when the aftercare starts. It starts once you get a nose piercing. So, you must start following aftercare rules until the piercing heals completely. However, it is a simple process. But some people make it complex. So, they get bad results in the end. If you don’t follow the right methods. Then it may cause serious issues such as nose bumps and nose scarring.


What you are not supposed to do after getting a nose piercing?

The following are some things that you should do after piercing:

  • Make sure not to use any antiseptic
  • Make sure not to use hydrogen peroxide because it may cause irritation
  • Make sure not to play with the nose ring because it may cause irritation
  • Make sure not to touch the piercing without washing your hands

How long will it take for a fresh nose piercing to heal?

A nose piercing is a piercing that passes through the cartilage of the nose on both sides. According to experts, this piercing takes almost 5-7 months to heal completely. But this duration may vary based on the jewelry.


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