Process of Healing Septum Piercing – What to Know?

The Septum The nasal Septum, which separates your nose’s left and right nostrils, is where piercings through the Septum are performed. The “sweet spot” is the small area of skin that is in front of your nose, past the heavy cartilage. Piercers aim for this area.

The “columella” is the correct term for it. It can be challenging to pierce some persons because they have a columella. Everyone has a unique anatomy. Therefore the placement will be different from person to person. However, your piercer will start by locating the sweet spot before focusing on the proper placement.

What to Know About it Before Getting it?

When done correctly, this piercing is rather pleasant, but it’s easy to keep in mind that everyone has a higher perception of discomfort. Your Septum will be pierced by a Piercer who will clamp the area first and then pierce your Septum with a hollow needle.

The piercer will unclamp the nose once the tissue has been pierced before inserting the jewelry. However, expect some eye-watering and some little blood when the piercing takes place.

The Healing Process of Septum Piercing

It will take two to three months for a septum piercing to heal. It may swell for a few days after being pierced, during which time it will feel unpleasant. Avoid playing with, rotating, or grasping at it. You don’t need to rotate the jewelry, unlike when you get a piercing at the mall. The only time you can flip it up or re-center the piercing is if you choose to (keep this at a minimum if possible).

This piercing should keep hurting after a few days unless it is accidentally moved or bumped. The most crucial step is to avoid the urge to touch it, aside from maintaining a deep cleaning. The Septum’s ability to flip into the nose is a feature that helps its beauty.

When talking or eating, the septum piercing, which is available in the middle of the face, can move naturally. Straightening it is acceptable as long as you are just touching it with clean hands. Make sure to clean and sanitize your hands with antibacterial soap before you flip the piercing up or straighten it. Although it is ideal for keeping the piercing in place, one of the reasons people possess this piercing is because it is so simple to hide. Due to how discrete it is, this piercing is excellent for use at work or school.

How to Clean it?

As with any piercing, developing a cleaning routine that you’ll keep to throughout the healing process is essential. There is no need to clean this piercing more than twice a day. A gallon of distilled water and non-iodized sea salt are combined to create the cleaning solution.

Both of these may be purchased for a few dollars at the grocery store. The salt needs to be “pure” and “non-iodized,” respectively. Make sure the water is labeled “distilled” and that tap water or another type of water has not been used in its place.

You should clean the Septum piercing with a saline soak for around three months. This soak needs to be done twice a day or at least once daily. If you do it twice, once in the morning and once at night, it will be simpler to remember.

Final Verdict:

In order to clear the Septum, Take a coffee cup and then fill it with the solution (high enough where you can submerge the nose into the cup). To get the solution to body temperature, microwave the cup for a little specific duration. Avoid heating it up too much, as this could burn you and the piercing.


Septum piercings: How do they recover?

Before touching your nose piercing, wash your hands thoroughly with cleansing soap and water. Two times each day, rinse your piercing with warm water and saltwater solution. Dry it off gently with a fresh towel or paper towel. Apply gentle skin soap on the piercing.

Can you move while your septum piercing heals?

When speaking or eating, the septum piercing, which is available in the center of the face, can move smoothly. As long as you are just touching it with clean hands, correcting it is okay. Make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you flip the piercing up or straighten it.

The healing process for the Septum hurts?

The nose may feel tender to the touch during the first few days following the piercing. It typically takes 1-3 weeks for this initial stage of recuperation. The full recovery from a septum piercing can take 6 to 8 months. After 6 to 8 weeks, the jewelry can be changed if the wound has healed well.

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