How to Make the Piercing Heal Faster?

The idea that a healthy lifestyle produces in less physical symptoms than a lifestyle characterized by a total disregard for health speaks for itself. The definition of a healthy lifestyle, however, is a subject of much debate. However, we’ve got seven extremely helpful hints here that should enable you to cure your wounds and, consequently, your piercings more quickly.

If you recently acquired a new piercing, such as a tragus piercing, you already know the basic hygiene requirements. You give it a salt bath on a regular basis, prefer to avoid harming it, and keep grime and dirt away. But there are other things you can do.

Your piercing will heal even faster if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, here are seven health suggestions to help your piercing recover more quickly.

How Many Times Take to Heal Eye Piercing?

The average recovery time for eyebrow piercings is 6 to 8 weeks. Gentleness is important for the quick healing of this piercing because of the eyebrow’s thin, delicate skin.

Make sure to completely rinse your eyebrows after showering to prevent product build in this delicate area because soap and shampoo residue can often get trapped there.

In the morning and evening, apply the saline solution to the affected area. During the healing time, make an effort to use only unscented, natural skincare products.

Is Healing Lip Piercing Tricky or Hard to Recover Fast?

Avoiding anything that can irritate your lip piercing is the best way to accelerate its healing. Unfortunately, this may involve refraining from unnecessary talk during the first few weeks as well as from actions like kissing. But if you follow this instruction, there’s a strong possibility your lip piercing will be healed in less than six weeks.

Your lip piercing may therefore require saline treatment more frequently than other piercings: at least three times each day.

Which One of the Piercing is Easy to Heal?

The healing time for nose piercings is usually four months. However, septum piercings take only 2 to 3 months.

Clean this piercing with saline solution morning and night to encourage faster healing. When blowing your nose, be gentle. If you wear glasses, make every effort to prevent them from harming the piercing.

How to Make Any Type of Ear Piercing Heal Faster?

The word “ear piercings” includes a variety of different piercings, in addition to lobe, helix, and cartilage piercings.

All three types of piercings—tragus, daith, and rook—pass through discrete areas of ear cartilage. So, even though the same advice about the area being cleaned and swabbing it with saline twice a day still remains the case. They need a little extra care, so they’re in such a critical location.

Avoid using earphones since they will rub along your piercing and spread bacteria to the area. Be sure to clean both the outside and interior of each piercing for an industrialized piercing that goes diagonally by both sides of the ear cartilage. Once more, avoid sleeping on the pierced ear, wearing over-ear headphones, and wearing sunglasses.

Best Way to Heal Cartilage Piercing Faster?

Another prevalent type of ear piercing is cartilage. These piercings, as opposed to lobe piercings, go through the more durable area of your ear, around the side.

These piercings require longer physical health and well-being, ranging from 4 months to a year on average.

Making sure that your cartilage piercing is performed using a needle rather than a gun is the correct option you can do to ensure that it heals once it is done. Cartilage can be broken by piercing guns, which prolongs the healing process.

Apply the same procedures as you would with a lobe piercing once the piercing is completed. At least twice a day, give the area a saline bath and avoid sleeping on the pierced ear at night. Additionally, refrain from having two cartilage piercings done together. Both piercings may take longer to heal due to the extra trauma at the site.

Final Verdict:

Every piercing must soak in saltwater or saline solution at least twice daily. Avoid doing anything that can introduce bacteria to the area.

Some anti-inflammatories, such as aloe vera, can be applied if mild inflammation develops. But in case of an infection or severe pain, consult your piercer or a specialist as soon as possible.


What helps faster healing of an ear piercing?

A multivitamin that contains zinc and vitamin C might help your body repair faster. Remember that stress, a poor diet, drug use, or disease can delay healing or lead to other issues. Verify the condition of your bedding.

How much time should a piercing require to heal?

Normally, they take between one and two months to completely heal. Other cartilage piercings on your ear will take longer to recover. On the other hand, A helix or tragus piercing may require up to six months or even a year to heal completely. Don’t remove your jewelry for an extended amount of time while your piercing is still healing.

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