Different Types of Ear Piercing: Brief Guide

Now ear piercing is becoming popular because people like this piercing so much. You can not only pierce your ears to enhance your look. You can also explore many styles and sizes of ear piercings. Now ear piercing can’t go anywhere. It is because the piercing is a part of any event, whether it is a formal or casual event.

Are you curious to know the types of ear piercings? No need to wait anymore because we will discuss different types of piercings. After reading this article, you can choose the piercing that is typically good for you.

If you are going for a new piercing, then there is no need to worry about pain. We will also discuss the pain threshold of each piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings – Trendy Ear Piercing Chart

Now without wasting time, we will discuss different types of ear piercings. Remember, never stick to only one type of piercing. The best thing about piercing is that you can match it with other types. So, you can get a set of piercings that is unique to you.

1. Lobe Piercing

Lobe piercing is a very classy type of piercing. However, it is a common type of piercing. So, children and teenagers use this piercing. But this piercing is not easy to wear, but it is less painful as compared to others. The lobe is less painful as compared to the outer and inner parts. So, it is the best place to wear studs and rings.

We suggest you use one to two studs if you have done a new piercing. You also have the option to use earrings. But it all depends on your preference to wear. The earrings for this piercing are common but beautiful. These also allow you to bear the pain when you pierce your ears. Further, these also allow you to be ready for more pain if you want to go for another type of piercing.

2. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Another famous type of piercing is transverse earlobe piercing because it is less painful. This piercing does not go from the front and back of the ear. At the same time, you can find both edges on a single side of the ear, the front. Though there is no cartilage present in the earlobe, so it allows the ear to remain in shape.

3. Snug Piercing:

In this piercing, earrings fit tightly between the inner and outer parts of the ear. But this piercing is not linked with the ear’s outer portion, which is the helix. At the same time, it is present near this part of the ear. However, the position of this piercing is unique. So, the most famous and common type of piercing stands out from others.

4. Rook Piercing:

It is another type of piercing that is present vertically. The name rook comes from the rook piece of chess. This piercing is placed on the same part of the cartilage where the snug piercing is placed. The fold of the rook piercing is an antihelix that is present near the helix. It is why this part is called antihelix.

5. Industrial Piercing:

This type of piercing is the best for a stylish and angry look. There is much variation in this piercing. So, you can choose more than one form to go with the industrial look. The most famous form of this piercing is the piercing of the helix and antihelix of the ear. However, this piercing is of the whole ear. So, it is another piercing that standouts from other piercings.

6. Conch Piercing:

There are two conch-piercing forms based on the position where you want to pierce. Two various conches are present in the ear. One conch is present between the helix and the antihelix. At the same time, another conch is present between the antihelix and canal. The cost of both forms of conch piercing is the same. Besides, it is painful as snug and rook piercing.

7. Tragus Piercing:

Another iconic area of ear piercing is the tragus in the innermost portion of the ear that is present around the canal. However, it is a good point for a stud. But it contains cartilage, so you need to be cautious. Due to cartilage, it is the most painful piercing. You must ask the professional if you want to go for this piercing. It is near the canal, so care is most important to avoid serious issues.

8. Daith Piercing:

This type of piercing is commonly near the ear canal piercing. It is placed on the upper part of the canal and connects to the inner area of the ear. Besides it is also placed on the side of the ear’s helix. For this piercing, you can use rings or barbells.

Though it is placed near the tragus so when it matches with tragus, it looks more elegant; this combination can enhance the look of your ear.

9. Helix Piercing:

This type of piercing is present anywhere on the ear’s outer rim or helix. However, the helix is present in the main area of the ear. So, the type of piercing that is placed on the upper lobe of the ear is referred to as helix piercing.

10. Forward Helix Piercing:

It is another primary type of helix piercing on the upper part of the tragus piercing. However, this piercing is placed on the outer part, so these are helix in shape. You have the option to use more than a single piercing at this part. It can double the helix piercing.

11. Orbital Piercing:

Orbital piercing is another type that orbits specific areas of the ear. There are two holes in a part of the ear, and earrings pass through both edges. The best part to pierce your ear in this type is the outer ear and helix.

12. Cartilage Piercing:

In cartilage piercing, there are all types of piercings that involve cartilage. It is the hard part of your ear that allows your ear to remain in shape. Remember, each part of the ear contains cartilage, but the earlobe doesn’t contain cartilage. This piercing is more painful as compared to earlobe piercing. So it is tougher to pierce your cartilage.

Trigger Most Painful Ear Piercing – Healing Time

Commonly, cartilage piercing is more painful as compared to earlobe piercing. It is because the earlobe is soft while cartilage is somehow hard. While in cartilage piercing, inner piercing is more painful than outer piercing.

It is because the inner ear has hard cartilage. Due to this reason, the most painful piercings are daith and tragus. Besides, snug and rook piercing is also painful.

When you go for cartilage piercing, you need to wait for a long time for its healing. It is because cartilage needs much time as compared to the earlobe. The tissues of cartilage piercing can’t heal faster than other tissues heal.

When your piercing gets healed, it is not painful even when you touch it. But it is not healed from the inside, so I don’t think it is healed.

Pro tip: Though you feel happy to change your jewelry after some time. But we suggest you not change jewelry until your piercing gets fully healed.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed different types of ear piercings. Now, it’s your time to choose the one piercing that you like. Though piercing the ears is a very fast process. But you have to aftercare it to avoid any issues such as swelling, etc. do you want to keep your piercing for a long time? Well! You should properly care for your piercing to keep it for many years.

The most famous is earlobe piercing because it is the soft part of the ear. So, you can stretch it for a long ring through the taper.


How many types of ear piercings are there?

When we talk about ear piercing types, these are not less. There are almost many types of ear piercing, such as:

  • Standard lobe, upper lobe, and transverse lobe piercing
  • Anti-tragus piercing
  • Tragus piercing
  • Inner and outer conch piercing
  • Snug piercing
  • Orbital piercing
  • Industrial piercing
  • Daith and rook piercing
  • Helix and forward helix piercing

Which ear is Pierce best?

Lobe is the most famous type of ear piercing, and people used this piercing at first. However, there is no cartilage in the lobe because it is soft. So, this part is easy to pierce with very little pain.

Does gunshot piercing hurt?

The Gun is used to pierce the part of the ear where no cartilage is present. It is a fast process that adds studs to the ear. It is less painful, and you should aftercare it as needle piercing.

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