Vertical Labret Piercing

Introduction to Vertical Labret Piercing

For those looking to express their individuality and adorn their bodies with distinctive self-expression, piercings have always fascinated with body alterations. The vertical labret piercing has been increasingly popular in recent years, while more conventional piercings like those in the earlobes and noses have become more widely accepted. This daring and striking aesthetic has drawn both piercing enthusiasts and curious spectators.

With its eye-catching positioning and distinctive aesthetics, the vertical labret piercing has come to represent rebelliousness and individuality. In this post, we’ll go into the fascinating world of vertical labret piercings, learning about their origins, how they’re done, how to take care of them afterward, and the intricate art of ornamentation. Prepare to be enthralled by the appeal of this great piercing and learn why it has become a highly sought-after type of body modification for the bold and stylish.

What is Vertical Labret Piercing?

The vertical labret piercing comprises two punctures that go through the lip and exit below the lip where a labret piercing would be put. The labret piercing is a single puncture through the skin directly below the lip.

The fact that the vertical labret piercing never reaches the inside of the mouth is arguably its most distinctive feature. Because you won’t have to worry about the bacteria in your saliva, your jewelry won’t brush against your teeth and gums, unlike with other lip piercings. It will stay cleaner throughout the healing period. This lip piercing may be suitable if you suffer from oral problems, including a receding gum line or enamel wear. The vertical labret piercing is ideal for people who want to stand out with a stunning look.

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

Both sides of the barbell usually are visible outside your mouth when you have a vertical lip piercing. Both ends protrude from the bottom, one at the top of the bottom lip and the other at the bottom, close to the chin. To get an inverse vertical labret piercing, also known as an Ashley piercing, one side of the jewelry is fastened within your mouth by putting it through the outside of your lower lip.

Vertical Labret Piercing Procedure

Vertical Labret Piercing Procedure

Ensure you visit a licensed professional piercer in a facility that has undergone regular health department inspection. To determine whether the store is reliable, check online reviews. The procedure is completed swiftly. The general steps are as follows:

  • The piercer will wash your bottom lip in a disinfecting solution and water.
  • To ensure that no potentially contagious bacteria in your mouth could get into the piercing region, rinse it thoroughly with an antibiotic mouthwash.
  • The piercer will indicate with a marker the area on the inside and the outside of the lip where the piercing will be performed.
  • In order to maintain your lower lip in place while they examine your mouth, they will gently draw it outward while clamping it with a specific tool.
  • The designated locations will be punctured with a needle from top to bottom in a forceful, quick, gentle manner to reduce pain.
  • They’ll carefully and gradually remove the needle.
  • A bent barbell or another piece of jewelry will be inserted into the newly opened piercing by your piercer. To secure the barbell, they will also add any beads.

Pain Level of Vertical Labret Piercing

Pain Level of Vertical Labret Piercing

Given that it depends so much on your pain threshold and the piercer’s technique, predicting how much a piercing will hurt can be challenging. You can anticipate a firm squeeze, but the discomfort will pass fast. Piercings will always cause discomfort, but everyone will react to and feel that pain differently. Never delay getting a piercing because you worry it may hurt! They are always swift and never as horrible as we make them out to be.

Healing Time of Vertical Labret Piercing

Healing Time of Vertical Labret Piercing

Vertical labret piercings heal at different rates depending on how you take care of the piercing and your own body. Your new piercing should heal for at least 6 to 8 weeks. We recommend waiting around four to six months to ensure your new piercing is healed.

However, vertical labret piercings heal faster than, for example, a regular labret piercing since they don’t contact the inside of your mouth at all. Since you don’t have to worry about saliva bacteria, the piercing stays clean while healing and heals slightly faster. Lips heal from trauma or injury quite well because of their tissue’s blood supply.

Risk Factors of Vertical Labret Piercing

Risk Factors of Vertical Labret Piercing

Pick a doctor that only uses disposable, sterilized needles and gloves. Verify the laws and license requirements in your state. You can encounter one of the following issues or adverse effects after getting a vertical lip piercing:


When your body perceives the piercing as foreign, it will try to force it out of the skin, causing rejection. The body will eventually tear the skin open to remove the piercing, which may result in scarring. Additionally, this can render the area more prone to infection.

Gum or Tooth Damage

This is brought on by jewelry rubbing against the enamel on your teeth or the surface of your gums. This is a typical adverse effect that, if left untreated, can result in gum diseases like gingivitis, tooth damage, decay, or both. If you start to notice this, visit your piercer right soon.


Lip and mouth piercings are more prone than other piercings to develop infections because oral bacteria can enter the pierced area very rapidly after you consume food or drink or touch your mouth.


Thick scar tissue might form in a piercing that has been refused or isn’t regularly filled with jewelry.


Symptoms like swelling and soreness are usual for the first several days following the piercing. If they continue for several weeks or you experience additional symptoms like bleeding, excruciating pain, or unusual discharge, consult a doctor immediately.

Nerve disturbance

There has been evidence linking facial piercings to facial nerve damage. Your eyes may misalign, and your back may hurt as a result.

Aftercare for Vertical Labret Piercing

Aftercare for Vertical Labret Piercing

Here are some suggestions to speed up recovery and prevent infection:

Clean your Piercing with Saline Solution

You should use a piercing aftercare saline solution to clean your vertical labret piercing 2 to 3 times a day, just like any other piercing. This solution should contain no different chemicals besides salt and water. Tea tree oil is one of the ingredients found in several post-piercing products. These additions, particularly tea tree oil, irritate fresh piercings and may even slow recovery.

Don’t Bite or Play with your Lips

In the first few weeks, the vertical labret piercing may feel intrusive if you frequently bite or play with your lips. It would be best to take particular care to avoid licking your lips or unintentionally fiddling with your jewelry since it’s crucial to avoid touching or twisting any new jewelry after a piercing until the piercing has fully healed.

Make Safe Dietary Selections

It will help if you exercise caution when consuming certain foods, even though the piercing doesn’t go through your mouth. For instance, the oils from chilies and other spicy foods can conveniently enter the lip piercing and hurt. You must make sure that no food particles are left in or around the fresh piercing after eating.

No Oral Play or Kissing while you’re Healing

Although it’s a general recommendation for all oral piercings, the vertical labret’s proximity to the lip makes it particularly crucial. Kissing not only spreads dangerous bacteria to the piercing but can also traumatize the piercing site by agitating the skin around it. Once the piercing has completely healed, kissing shouldn’t be a problem.

Avoid using Chap Stick or Lipstick while you’re Recuperating.

Any foreign substance around the piercing should be avoided, except for saline solution and other aftercare items. Makeup and Chap Stick can clog the piercing and spread infection.

When Healing, Make Sure the Jewelry you wear is Substantial Enough

Swelling typically occurs in the first few days, although it can happen anytime during the healing process. To prevent the jewelry from being encrusted in the skin, it must be able to accommodate the swelling.

Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry

Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry

There are several jewelry possibilities for the vertical labret piercing:

Closed Rings or Hoops

Like an earring in your earlobe, this encircles the entire pierced area.

Curved barbell

This broad rod-shaped jewelry often has a gauge range of 14 to 16 and bends over the lips with beads pointing forward on each end.

Vertical Labret Barbell

These have a bead on each end and are inserted vertically through the piercing. If you obtain two vertical labret piercings, you can even place these next to one another.

Cost of Vertical Labret Piercing

Vertical labret piercing costs can range greatly; piercers estimate between $30 and $100. Always spend money on a skilled piercer. They’ll be able to perform the piercing as painlessly as possible and have a developed eye to guarantee the piercings’ accurate alignment. Additionally, they will place the piercing correctly so you can prevent piercing rejection. At the very least, be sure your piercer utilizes a needle rather than a piercing gun. Compared to piercing cannon, a needle is more precise, hygienic, and less damaging to the skin.

Final Thoughts

The vertical labret piercing is a beacon of originality and self-expression in a world that frequently desires conformity. It has evolved into an alluring method of body modification thanks to its unique positioning and distinctive features. The vertical labret piercing gives countless options for personal style, whether modest and exquisite jewelry or an elegant ornament. But it’s essential to remember that getting pierced is a commitment that calls for careful aftercare and a mature attitude. This daring accessory can become a treasured part of your journey toward self-expression with the proper care and attention. The vertical labret piercing will decorate your lips and empower you with undeniable attraction if you’re ready to make a statement and embrace your inner rebel.

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