Austin bar Piercing

Introduction to Austin bar Piercing

Welcome to Austin Bar Piercing world, a fascinating and original intersection of art and self-expression. Austin Bar Piercing is a haven for people looking to adorn their bodies with priceless jewelry and make a strong statement. It is not your typical piercing business. This piercing business has built a solid reputation for its talented piercers, top-notch cleanliness standards, and extensive exquisite jewelry collection. Austin Bar Piercing offers a friendly and welcoming environment that will leave you feeling confident and empowered, whether you’re a piercing enthusiast or a novice. As you embrace the art of body piercing, enter this enchanted world and set out on a path of self-discovery and transformation.

What is Austin bar Piercing?

This kind of piercing is rare. You have a tiny bead on either side of your nose because it is a horizontal bar that passes through the tip of your nose. However, it does not puncture cartilage, pass through the nasal cavity, or even go through the nostrils themselves, unlike a nasallang piercing. As an alternative, the barbell enters the skin just above the nostrils. This distinguishes it from the more excruciating Nasallang piercing. The standard method for pricing Austin bars is using a short, straight barbell. Most piercers will use a 16G or 14G needle to lower the possibility of the piercing migrating.

Pain Level of Austin bar Piercing


The biggest drawback of an Austin bar piercing is that it may be excruciating; therefore, it isn’t the most significant decision if you’ve never had a piercing. However, everyone has different pain thresholds.

Healing Time of Austin bar Piercing


How long does it take for an Austin bar piercing to heal?

This is the question in everybody’s mind. Even though excruciating, the healing process only takes two to three months. Nevertheless, it is not a good option for a first piercing.

Risk Factors of Austin Bar Piercing

Risk Factors of Austin Bar Piercing

Although a bar piercing in Austin might look fantastic, being aware of potential issues is crucial.


An Austin bar piercing may migrate, just like any other piercing. When your body rejects the piercing, it will try to push it out, which will cause the jewelry to move. If it seems like your piercing isn’t healing normally, speak with your piercer or a doctor to lower the chance of that happening.

It can stick to Clothes

The piercing catching on items is another potential issue (which is not specific to Austin bars). Exercise extreme caution when getting dressed, using a towel to dry your face, etc. Snagging it on something can be painful, especially if the piercing is more recent.

Infection and Swelling

Be aware of the possibility of swelling, like with any other piercing. Your nose may appear particularly red in the days after your piercing. If you anticipate removing your piercing frequently, there are better choices than the Austin bar piercing. Removing and reinserting a piercing can delay healing or even result in infection, especially in the first two weeks after obtaining one.

Blowing your Nose

Remember that blowing your nose with an Austin bar piercing can be painful if you frequently suffer from head colds. However, for some people, blowing their nostrils with a piercing at the tip of their nose is always a little painful. This is especially true right after getting the piercing.

Aftercare for Austin Bar Piercing


You may take better care of your Austin bar piercing by using the advice below:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching or cleaning the piercing.
  • Use a saltwater soak or a saline rinse to clean your piercing twice daily.
  • Avoid using hot tubs, saunas, and swimming pools while recuperating to reduce exposure to bacteria that could cause irritation or infections.
  • Except in cases of severe discomfort or infection, wait at least six weeks before altering or removing your jewelry. It is best to return to your piercer for assistance if your jewelry is uncomfortable, especially if your piercing is still relatively new.

How to clean Austin bar piercing?

  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt with half a cup of distilled water to create your saline solution. This solution will save you from any infection and scarring that can damage your piercing during the healing process. Applying it is the first thing you must do during recovery.
  • Stirring the mixture will help it dissolve.
  • You can also purchase ready-to-use piercing aftercare sprays as an option. You can also use antiseptic treatments like beta dine, isopropyl alcohol, or diluted hydrogen peroxide if you see infection symptoms.
  • Dab the piercing on both ends gently with a cotton ball soaked in the solution. Never take the jewelry off.
  • Wait for the filth and residue to soften for about 5 minutes, and then wipe the area.
  • To dry the area, use a fresh piece of gauze or tissue.

After placing the piercing, the piercer should give you specific instructions on maintaining the piercing clean.

Austin Bar Piercing Jewelry


Straight Barbells

Although they’re not frequently used for simpler piercings, straight barbells are commonly utilized for nose piercings. Just a long metal bar with two ball ends makes up a barbell.

Curved Barbells

When the piercing is small enough, you can only utilize curved barbells for an Austin bar nose piercing. They have a curve with two balls on either end that resembles an arch. You can choose a traditional round bead or additional shapes and decorations.

Austin Bar Piercing Chains

Chains can add a striking finishing touch to nose piercings. Nose chains will connect each end of a bridge piercing through the bridge of the nose.

Cost of Austin bar Piercing

The location will have a significant impact on prices. However, a bar piercing in Austin typically costs $25 to $65. Even though titanium is more expensive, it is advised to use it for your piercing because of its outstanding quality.

Comparison with Other Nose Piercing Types


Austin bar Piercing vs. Nasallang Piercing

The nasallang piercing is two separate piercings. The nasallang piercing, often called the tri-nasal piercing, comprises a single bar that passes between the right and left septa. It requires considerable pain tolerance and can take four to six months to recuperate. The Austin bar piercing, in contrast, avoids the septum and nostrils. It simply penetrates the skin at the tip of the nose and heals more quickly—in two to three months.

Austin bar Piercing vs. Septum Piercing

The septum piercing and the Austin bar nose piercing are common types of nose piercings with unique features. Austin bars are inserted vertically through the tip of the nose, giving the wearer a svelte and contemporary appearance. Contrarily, septum piercing involves puncturing the small layer of skin that separates the nostrils, creating a more traditional but still adaptable look. Compared to Austin bar piercing, which gives the nose a modern touch, septum piercing offers a more daring and culturally significant appearance.

Austin bar Piercing vs. Rhino Piercing

Unlike the Austin bar, this goes through the nose tip horizontally, the rhino piercing passes through the tip vertically. While the Austin bar nose piercing takes two to three months to cure, the rhino piercing takes roughly six to nine months.

Austin bar piercing vs. Mantis Piercing

A recent trend in nose piercing is the mantis. Due to their location at the front of the nose, they are often referred to as “forward-facing” nostril piercings. The mantis is independently pierced vertically through each nostril, unlike the Austin bar, which is drilled horizontally through an entry and exit hole. The two nose piercings on either side are not connected in any way, either horizontally or vertically.  It varies from the Austin bar piercing in that it enters through the nostrils instead of the tip of the nose.

Austin bar Piercing vs. Bridge Piercing

These two piercings differ from one another by where they are situated. The Austin bar piercing goes through the tip of the nose, whereas the bridge piercing goes through the upper portion of the nose, with the jewelry sitting between the eyes. The healing process for both piercings takes two to three months.

Final Thoughts

As we come to a close with our investigation of Austin Bar Piercing, this business is a genuine treasure in body art. Austin Bar Piercing offers an unmatched experience for people looking to express themselves through body alteration because of its skilled staff of piercers, dedication to safety and hygiene, and a large selection of jewelry. At Austin Bar Piercing, the options range from subtle and exquisite designs to strong, edgy statements. This piercing studio is the ideal setting to realize your ideas, whether you’re trying to create a subtle statement of splendor or a bold one. Why then wait? Unleash your creative side, enter Austin Bar Piercing, and allow your body to be a canvas for long-lasting, admired self-expression.

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