Septum Piercing

A compelling type of decoration exists in body modification and self-expression and has grown significantly in favor over time. Its ability to combine rebelliousness with refinement and edginess with elegance makes it so alluring. It is a piercing that invites inquiry and starts conversations because it sits at the nexus of boldness and beauty. This specific type of body art has carved out its unique niche thanks to its long history based on many different cultures and its current rebirth in mainstream fashion. This piercing has become a statement item, a startling emblem of self-expression that demands attention as people strive to reject social standards and embrace their identities. Enter the intriguing realm of septum piercing, where the distinction between art and fashion is exquisitely blurred.

What is Septum Piercing?

Your septum, a nose component, is where the septum piercing is situated. Your nose’s septum, a thin cartilage wall that divides your right and left nostrils, runs down the middle of the bridge of your nose. However, the cartilage shouldn’t be punctured by a septum piercing. Instead, your piercer will mark the “sweet spot,” a softer tissue area directly below the septum. The cartilage will then be held in place either by hand, with the aid of a receiving tube, or by applying clamps to the affected area. After that, the jewelry is threaded through and fastened using a sterile, single-use needle.

Pain Level of Septum Piercing

First things first: Each piercing causes pain. It’s a terrible fact that it will pain when you cut a hole in yourself. Fortunately, though, septum piercings are only somewhat painful. Most people might be shocked to hear that septum piercings are among the least uncomfortable body modifications. A septum piercing done correctly and by a trained piercer will leave no cartilage in the nose and be in a delicate, thin patch of skin lighter than an ear lobe. This area is known as “the sweet spot, ” where the piercing will be most comfortable. This is typically located close to the front of the nostrils; however, the location changes depending on the customer. A single tear will naturally fall; this is not a sign of discomfort, merely a typical response to nose piercing.

Healing Time of Septum Piercing

Healing Time of Septum Piercing

We all realize the importance of giving a piercing as much time as possible to heal. Nevertheless, eventually, we all become tired of the simple steel jewelry we had our ears pierced with and wish to switch to something a bit more attractive. The length of recovery varies widely from person to person depending on several variables, such as stress levels, innate immunity, way of life, and, of course, aftercare regimens. Most people’s septum piercings should recover fully in about 4-6 months on average. After any early swelling and discomfort have faded, you can switch out the jewelry, although we advise consulting with your piercer first. They ought to be able to guarantee that it is prepared and safely switch it over for you. Changing your jewelry too frequently will irritate the area and delay healing.

Aftercare for Septum Piercing

You need to stick to the regular aftercare instructions for piercings, which are as follows:

  • Saline-soak twice daily; dry the skin after; no picking, playing, or twisting the piercing; and try not to knock it.
  • During the aftercare period, you should adjust your skincare regimen as well. Avoid using too much soap or moisturizer next to the piercing when washing or moisturizing the skin near the nasal septum.
  • You should avoid touching anything that might migrate into the piercing, such as soaps, lotions, or moisturizers.
  • Additionally, since bathtubs and hot tubs can serve as breeding ground for bacteria, we advise against using them.
  • Once the piercing has healed, you don’t need to worry about changing your skincare regimen.

Risk Factors of Septum Piercing

risk factors of Septum Piercing

Infection and Irritation

Infection is the main worry while a piercing heals, followed by discomfort. Watch for pus, swelling, or developing pain. That can indicate an infection. You should avoid getting your septum pierced close to or around that period if you suffer from seasonal allergies or are susceptible to colds at particular times of the year. However, there is good news for hay fever sufferers: you won’t have any trouble blowing your nose. However, you should avoid getting a septum piercing if you have severe allergies or are prone to sinus infections. While the septum piercing won’t affect your fragrance, some people who wear them complain of a weird odor. This smell might indicate a piercing infection or intolerance to a particular metal.

Scarring and granulation tissue

A nose piercing site may develop granulation tissue, a lump many people mistake for scar tissue. Due to the surroundings around the nose and the jewelry, the healing process has wildly overreacted in this case. Scarring could also appear.

Types of Jewelry for Septum Piercing

Types of Jewelry for Septum Piercing

Septum clicker

These hoops have a hinged closure for simple insertion and removal that springs open and clicks shut. Closed hoops are great for personalization because they typically have different stones and embellishments along their outer edges.


Jewellery in the shape of a barbell fits neatly into a septum piercing and enables you to conceal it with the simple flip-up maneuver without taking the jewelry off.

Circular Barbell

When it comes to jewelry for septum piercing, the world is your oyster. A circular barbell with a horseshoe shape and two tiny beads on either side is a popular choice since it allows you to conceal the piercing once it has fully healed. Additionally, we have various variations for rings that come with more exquisite beaded detail or prong-set natural diamonds.

Cost of Septum Piercing

For a septum piercing, prices can range from $40 to $100. The cost of a septum piercing varies depending on where you go and the state where you have the piercing, as it does with most cosmetic operations.

Septum and Nostril Piercing

  • Although septum and nose piercings are standard options for body art, they differ in location and design. In the middle of the nasal septum, there is a septum piercing between the nostrils. Jewellery of all kinds, such as captive bead rings or septum clickers, can be used to embellish it.
  • On the other hand, a nostril piercing is made via the nostril itself, through the side of the nose. Hoops or studs are frequently used as jewelry for nostril piercings. The decision between the two piercings ultimately comes down to personal preference and preferred look, even though both can be fashionable and functional.

Septum and Double Nostril Piercing

There are various alternatives for nose decoration, including septum and double nostril piercings.

  • A double nostril piercing contains two piercings on either side of the nose, whereas a septum piercing is positioned in the middle of the nasal septum.
  • While double nostril piercings frequently feature studs or hoops as jewelry, septum piercings can be accessorized with accessories, including captive bead rings or septum clickers.
  • While double nostril piercings offer a balanced and symmetrical appearance, septum piercings have a more centralized and striking aspect. Personal taste and desire eventually determine which option is preferred.

Septum and Nostril Piercing Together

Both nostril and the septum can be pierced as options for nose ornamentation. While each piercing has a distinct appeal, pairing them together can create a bold and distinctive appearance. Numerous opportunities exist for personal style and self-expression when a septum and nostrils are pierced.

Placement and Aesthetics

The nostril piercing is located on the side of the nose, while the septum piercing is situated in the middle of the nasal septum, between the nostrils. Together, they produce a harmonious and eye-catching composition. The septum piercing gives the middle of the face a focal point, while the nose piercings improve symmetry and add flair to the overall appearance.

Jewelry Options

Combining septum and nose piercings has several benefits, including a variety of jewelry options. Captive bead rings, septum clickers, or circular barbells can all draw attention to septum piercing. However, studs, hoops, or delicate chains can decorate nostril piercings. Combining different jewelry designs and metals can give the piercings more character and depth.

Personalization and Flexibility

The septum and nostril piercings provide flexibility in terms of personalization. Experiment with various jewelry sizes, shapes, and patterns to create a look that reflects your style and personality. The ease of changing out jewelry makes the adaptability of expressing multiple moods or circumstances possible.

Bold Statement

Combining a septum piercing with a nostril piercing is a bold fashion choice. It emphasizes the face and gives you a little edgier image overall. The pairing is especially striking for those looking for a more unconventional or rebellious aesthetic.

Piercing your septum and nostrils is a unique approach to expressing your uniqueness and accentuating your facial traits. Combining these two piercings offers a striking and distinctive fashion statement thanks to the diversity of jewelry possibilities and the opportunity to customize your appearance. The septum and nose piercing combo is an excellent option for people trying to stand out, whether for an edgy or fashionable style.


Finally, septum piercing symbolizes the strength of uniqueness and the capacity for self-expression. It has evolved from its roots to represent independence, innovation, and self-assurance. Septum piercing is still a captivating and functional option for people looking to adorn themselves with something unusual as fashion trends change and boundaries are pushed. Septum piercing has an unmistakable allure and intrigue, whether accepted as a form of cultural identification, a daring fashion statement, or a subdued gesture to personal taste. It serves as a reminder that the human body can be an artistic canvas and that by getting pierced; we can create our own stories and leave an everlasting impact on the world.

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