Double Nostril Piercing

Introduction to Nostril Piercing

There are various ways for people to make their imprint in self-expression and personal style. Our bodies have evolved into a blank canvas for artistic expression, from daring hairstyles to vivid tattoos. One creative fad, the double nostril piercing, has become a remarkable representation of individualism and edgy allure. This distinctive piercing has drawn the interest of fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement. It is a modest but appealing decoration. Imagine a face that has transformed, with each side of the nose emitting a mysterious energy. It’s a piercing that subtly conveys disobedience while integrating with a wide range of individual aesthetics.

The double nostril piercing is a monument to the strength of choice and the beauty of duality, whether you are drawn to the mysticism of a tiny hoop or the shimmer of a glittering stud. This piercing pair moves in unison like twin stars in the night sky, inviting admirers to bask in the splendor of asymmetry. The double nostril piercing, which deviates from accepted beauty standards, is a charming reminder that our bodies are, in fact, our most captivating pieces of art and are only waiting to be embellished by our creative souls.

What is Double Nostril Piercing?

The standard placement for a double nose piercing is when your nostril begins to bend away from your face. The same nostril or the opposite side can both be pierced twice. Each one isn’t so unpleasant, just like a single nostril piercing. It is one of the less painful nose piercings and heals faster than piercings with more intricate designs. A wide range of jewelry can be worn for double nose piercings, with rings, studs, and chains being the most popular choices. Choosing thinner studs or rings is always a good idea to make placement less difficult. However, if you decide on this alternative, visit a skilled piercer. It’s important to put each piercing precisely. Losing them may result in discomfort and nerve injury.

Difference between Standard Nostril Piercing & Double Nostril Piercing

Why limit yourself to just one nose piercing when you can have several? Double nose piercings are currently one of the biggest fads in the modified world. Two nostril piercings can be perfect for you if you want to express yourself in an edgy way without experiencing too much discomfort.

Standard Nostril

A single piercing in the nostril’s natural crease; this body alteration is positioned in the curve of one of the nostrils.

Double Nostril Piercing

Because there is a chance of striking nerve structures when two holes are made in the nose, the double nostril demands a skilled and strategic piercer.

Any face shape looks good with double nose piercings, and if you’ve already had one done and it’s healed, you’re more than ready for another one (it’s been said that getting them done separately can make aftercare simpler)—one on each side for balance, or two on one side of your nose.

Opposite-side Double Nostril piercings

The standard placement for a double nostril piercing is when your nostril begins to bend away from your face. Some people opt to get only one nostril pierced. However, if you want a more symmetrical appearance, you could get two nose piercings on different sides. The two opposite-side double nostril piercings are not extremely uncomfortable, just like a single nostril piercing. It is one of the less painful nose piercings and heals faster than piercings with more intricate designs.

You can wear a wide range of jewelry for double nose piercings; the most popular types are rings, studs, and chains. Choosing thinner studs or rings is always a good idea to make placement less difficult. However, if you decide on this alternative, visit a skilled piercer. It’s important to put each piercing precisely. Losing them may result in discomfort and nerve injury.

Same-side Double Nostril Piercing

Normal placement for a double nostril piercing is at the point where your nostril begins to bend away from your face. You can have a left or right nostril piercing with a same-side double nose piercing. In place of a protocol, you are entirely in control. The same-side double nose piercings are not as uncomfortable as a single nostril piercing. It is one of the less painful nose piercings and heals faster than piercings with more intricate designs. The most popular types of jewelry for double nose piercings are rings and studs, although you can use a wide range of accessories. Thinner studs or rings like 18 or even 20 gauge can simplify placement.

Pain Level of Double Nostril Piercing

It’s difficult to give a definitive response to this issue because everyone’s threshold for pain varies. Generally speaking, getting this nose piercing is one of your least painful options.

Healing Time of Double Nostril Piercing

Healing time of Double Nostril Piercing

Regular recovery times range from two to four months. However, it’s essential to be aware that the area surrounding the piercing may be swollen and red for up to three weeks afterward.

Risk Factors of Double Nostril Piercing

Risk Factors of Double Nostril Piercing

Like any other body piercing, double nostril piercing entails some hazards. While piercing is typically considered safe when carried out by a qualified piercer using sterile equipment, there are still possible risks and consequences. The following are some typical risk factors:


The potential for infection is one of the main hazards of piercing. Bacteria can enter the wound from a punctured skin wound, resulting in an infection. You must ensure that the piercer uses the proper sterilization techniques and that you take good care of the piercing by cleaning it frequently with saline solution or an aftercare product that has been advised.

Allergic Reactions

Nickel and copper, two metals commonly used in jewelry, can make some people allergic or sensitive to them. It’s crucial to select hypoallergenic materials for your double nostril piercing if you have known metal allergies, such as surgical-grade stainless steel, titanium, or 14k or 18k gold.

Scarring and Keloids

Some people are more prone to keloids, which are elevated areas of scar tissue that protrude past the lines of the original incision. You should discuss the suitability of double nostril piercing with a qualified piercer if you have a history of keloid formation or significant scarring.

Migration and Rejection

The body may sometimes reject the piercing, which might lead to it migrating or moving from its initial location. As a result, there may be discomfort, an elevated risk of infection, and even scarring. With poor placement or jewelry selection, migration and rejection are more common.

Bleeding and Bruising

Since getting a piercing requires puncturing the skin, it’s usual to have some bleeding and bruising both during and right after the surgery. However, significant bleeding or bruising might be a sign of problems and needs to be handled by a specialist.

Damage to Nose Structure

Nasal structures can be damaged by improperly placed or huge piercings, which can result in discomfort, possible abnormalities, or other issues. Selecting a qualified and recognized piercer who is familiar with the structure of the nose and capable of carrying out the process safely is essential.

Choose a qualified piercer who uses high-quality jewelry, adheres to strict sterilization processes, and provides adequate aftercare instructions if you want to reduce the hazards connected with double nostril piercing. In addition, carefully follow the aftercare instructions, and seek medical advice if you see any indications of infection or other issues.

Care for Double Nostril Piercing

  • Be cautious not to contaminate the piercing.
  • Please don’t touch it or put cosmetics too close to it.
  • Stay out of any potentially polluted water.
  • Use a saline/salt solution or a piercing aftercare spray to clean your piercing twice daily.
  • Of course, be careful not to snag any clothing or towels.
  • Prior to the piercings’ healing, avoid moving it. Early on in the healing process, pulling on a piercing hurts, but it can also prevent recovery or harm the piercing itself.

Double Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Double Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Although rings and studs are the most popular, many types of nose jewelry can be used for twin nose piercings. Choosing thinner studs or rings is always a good idea to make placement less difficult.

Hoop or Double Nose Ring

Some rings are little more than metal loops. Some are referred to as “captive bead rings.” These rings have beads as their “sealing.”  The piercer may occasionally insert the jewel into the bead to provide some visual appeal. Simple “hoop” nose rings can also feature a little gem on the side.

Double Nostril Piercing Studs

A nose stud looks like a straight rod with a decorative feature on one end that rests on the outside of the nose and a little ball on the other that needs to be put into the nostril to stay there. Because nose studs are simple to put in your piercing, many individuals like them.

Double Nostril Piercing chain

Chains can add a striking finishing touch to nose piercings. A chain is frequently used to join an earring with a nose ring. A double nose piercing will have chains connecting each end over the bridge of the nose. This will give you a distinctive look and will make you stand out from the others. This is also a great way to show off the piercing that you already have. Another fantastic benefit of these chains is that you can easily change them every day with a new one to get different looks. However, its potential drawback is that it can stick in the clothes quickly. Moreover, if chains are heavy, they can stretch out your piercing, causing pain and discomfort.

How to Clean Your Double Nostril Piercing?

If you want your piercing to heal correctly, you must take proper care of it.

  • Using an aftercare spray or saline solution to rinse the piercing at least twice daily would be best.
  • You can make a salt solution by combining one cup of water and half a teaspoon of salt.
  • Stirring the mixture will help it dissolve.
  • You can also purchase ready-to-use piercing aftercare sprays as an option.
  • You can also use antiseptic treatments like betadine, isopropyl alcohol, or diluted hydrogen peroxide if you see infection symptoms.
  • Dab the piercing area with a cotton ball soaked in the solution. Never take the jewelry off!
  • To dry the area, use a fresh piece of gauze or tissue.
  • After placing the piercing, the piercer should give you specific instructions on maintaining the piercing clean.

Pros & Cons of Double Nostril Piercing

It has benefits and drawbacks, just like any other kind of piercing. Here are some potential advantages and disadvantages of having both nostrils pierced:



Double nostril piercings can be a stylish and individual choice that is visually pleasing. They can add a little personality and improve your overall appearance.


The ability to wear other jewelry is made possible by having two piercings in the nasal region. To create a unique look, you can experiment with various stud earrings, rings, or hoops and mix and match jewelry pieces.

Popular & Cheap

It is one of the most common and cheap piercings among other complex piercings like septal piercing. Most people prefer double instead of standard nostril piercing.

Balance & Symmetry

If you want to attain symmetry or have additional facial piercings, double nostril piercings can help your face look balanced and harmonious.

Healing Time

In general, compared to other forms of piercings, nostril piercings tend to heal quickly. If taken care of properly, having two piercings near together might not substantially affect the healing process.


It is easier to do than other, more complex piercings


Pain & Discomfort: Getting a double nostril piercing can, like any other piercing, result in temporary pain and discomfort both during the piercing procedure and during the early stages of healing.

Healing Process

Even though nostril piercings usually recover relatively fast, having two piercings close together can raise the risk of discomfort or other issues. It is essential to adhere to the proper aftercare guidelines and practice excellent hygiene to reduce the danger of infection or other problems.

Potential Scarring

Nasal piercings may result in minor scars, particularly if they are removed or if difficulties arise during healing—the likelihood of scarring increases by having two piercings, though individual circumstances may differ.

Occupational Restrictions

Some professions or places of employment may have strict rules about having visible piercings. If you work in such a setting, consider whether getting a double nostril piercing is appropriate.

Potential Risks

There are some potential risks with each kind of piercing, and so are in it, like infection and allergic reactions. However, you can minimize them with proper aftercare and by caring for your hygiene during healing.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, getting a double nostril piercing is a matter of choice. Before considering if getting a piercing is good for you, it’s crucial to take into account your personal preferences, level of comfort, and dedication over the long run.

To reduce dangers and guarantee a positive piercing experience, keep in mind that thorough research, locating a trustworthy piercer, and according to their aftercare recommendations are vital.

Cost of Double Nostril Piercing

The location will have a significant impact on prices. However, the majority of nose rings cost $30 to $100. In general, nostril piercings are on the less expensive side. Septril piercings, for example, tend to be more expensive.


The double nostril piercing has carved out a special place in a society where individualism is embraced, and personal flair knows no limitations. It is an engaging method of self-expression that gives life to our outward appearances and draws bystanders’ curious eyes. We acknowledge it’s transforming potential as we close our eyes to picture the last piece of this piercing puzzle. It symbolizes rebellion and reminds us of our society’s wild spirit. The double nostril piercing enables us to embrace contradiction in a world that frequently demands conformity, whether through subtle embellishments that oozes elegance or big declarations that scream revolt. It serves as a reminder that true beauty is found in the unreserved acceptance of our individuality rather than the standardized molds we are pressured to fit into.

Let’s, therefore, rejoice in the draw of asymmetry and the allure of the unknown. Let the twin nostril piercing symbolize the countless ways we may express ourselves and the vast canvas that is our bodies. We create a work of art with each piercing that tells our story, encapsulating our essence and leaving a permanent imprint on the world.

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