Ear Piercing For Men – Popular Types of Male Piercing

Although it’s normal for women to wear earrings, what about men? When they have their ears pierced, it is a novel experience, but as the fashion industry developed. They began to experiment.

They have gradually developed the courage to try something new that they have never done before. And would not even you know it, the end effect was rather aesthetically pleasing. Since then, the number of guys getting their ears pierced has unusually increased.

Suppose this is your first time getting your ears pierced. Therefore, educating oneself on a few aspects of the procedure is beneficial.

The Process of Ear Piercing for Men

Even though everyone is doing it, the procedure may seem simple. But if it goes wrong, you risk infection and the hole possibly closing up. Avoid getting a piercing right away if you are aware of what to expect or what to do after.

An ear-piercing process gone wrong is the absolute worst. We assure you that it frequently occurs, but just because it does not apply to you does not mean that it does not apply to millions of Americans.

There are other essential things you should think about before having your ears pierced:

Ask for the Professional Ear Piercer:

Look for a professional ear piercer, not just one you discovered online. The skill and knowledge of your piercer play a role in the success of your ear piercing. Since ear piercings are so popular, you may expect to find a variety of piercers offering the same service on the market.

While price is important, you should not compromise on the quality of the work. Therefore, make sure you’ve done a great amount of research before hiring someone. We also suggest you look for someone who has a great reputation in their field.

Read reviews, remarks, and other customer comments:

  • Ask about the jewelry they wear. It should ideally be constructed of titanium, surgical steel, or 14k gold.
  • Verify if they contain needles for single use. The sealed package should be ripped open in your sight.

Popular Types of Ear Piercing for Men

After discussing safety and precautions, we’ll now look into the many ear-piercing possibilities.

Anti-Tragus Piercing:

You might want to consider an anti-tragus piercing if tragus piercings are not your thing. This piercing, which takes place in the inner cartilage of your ear, is a little less extreme than the tragus piercing. The healing process takes only 4 to 6 weeks, which is less time than the tragus piercing.

Large jewelry is improper, just like a tragus piercing. Ball closure rings and studs work well for an anti-tragus-piercing jeweler.

Lobe Piercing:

The lobe piercing is the most popular ear piercing. The piercing is also the simplest. It only takes a minute or sometimes seconds to finish the process. You make a tiny hole in your earlobe with a stud gun. If you have a low pain tolerance, this is the best choice. Pain is acceptable. The earlobe piercing carries the lowest risk of harm of any ear piercing.

Tragus Piercing:

The external ear’s little protrusion directly in front of the concha is termed the tragus. If you’re having difficulty finding it, it’s the component that holds your earphones. A tragus piercing would therefore be offensive. Although it’s an odd place to wear jewelry, men seem to enjoy its eccentricity.

It’s important to note that tragus piercings might sometimes produce little pain. Additionally, given their location and exposure to dirt and grime, they are susceptible to infections. You shouldn’t let this stop you, though, from getting a tragus piercing. All you need to do is locate a real professional piercer with the necessary skills. They make absolutely sure you follow all aftercare instructions to the full.

This piercing is not for you if you like big, heavy earrings. The tragus is really not strong enough to hold heavy bling due to its small size. Studs are the only thing it can hold.

Rook Piercing:

Even though everyone thinks that rook piercings are the most difficult and difficult to perform, they are also among the most popular ear-piercing styles. However, your expert piercer will make a hole in the cartilage of your ear for a rook piercing.

This kind of piercing requires a fold in the cartilage. Additionally, it’s a unique piercing that will make you appear more masculine. For a rook piercing, you can use little loops or a hook with balls. This wouldn’t be possible without the need for a fold.

Daith Piercing:

Most men desire to try having a daith piercing because they enjoy a challenge. Daith piercings are tough, difficult, and infectious. But none of these things ever prevented men from obtaining daith piercings.

If you take proper care of your ears, it’s not completely bad. Rings are the most commonly used jewelry for daith piercings. If you keep removing your ring, the hole may soon close up soon, so it’s best to leave the item in place.

Industrial Piercing:

Not everyone should get an industrial piercing. If you do not even properly follow the post-piercing aftercare procedures, there’s a considerable chance that you may have problems.

Two holes must be made into your cartilage for this unique ear-piercing style. The holes are set between each other. Through an earring, these holes are linked. But since the healing process can take many months. You must have patience while you take care of your ears every day.

Final Verdict:

It doesn’t matter if you get a tragus, anti-tragus, or daith piercing. To speed up the recovery process, it’s crucial that you maintain it clean at all times. So be sure to use an upper product to clean the area. Piercings take time to heal, and the area is exposed to infection while the wound is still visible.


How long does a male ear piercing take to heal?

Earlobes typically last 6 to 8 weeks. It can take four months to a year if you pierce the cartilage on your ear’s side. Sometimes it will take months to recover it if the person doesn’t follow precautionary rules.

Is it easy for a person to have his ears pierced?

This is certainly a preference matter. Boys typically just have one earring on, even if many increasingly prefer to have both of their ears pierced. Age Ear piercing is safe at any age.

Which side of the ear should a boy pierce?

On the other hand, a boy’s right ear gets pierced first while having an ear piercing. This is due to the fact that these specific points relate to a person’s masculine and feminine halves. The left half of the body is seen to be the feminine side, whereas the right side is said to be the masculine side.

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