Can We Use table Salt For Cleaning Your Piercing?

When you have done a piercing, you are intentionally making an opening in your body. It is just like a wound to your skin. So, as you protect your skin from infections after any wound, you also must look after your Piercing too.

One method to keep your new Piercing well is to dip it in water containing salt. It will help your bruise clean and heal it up fast.

Experts guide their customers to take help from the saline mixture for rapid healing. You need the right method. Otherwise, your infection may be got worsen.

Below we have discussed the following things related to your new Piercing.

  • Methods to apply a sea salt dip for your newly done Piercing.
  • What are the things you must avoid when the Piercing is done?
  • As well as what are the advantages you may get by applying this saline mixture.

Is it Safe to Clean Your Piercing With Simple Salt Water?

It is the FDA-approved method. Hence, it is the safest and most effective method to cure wounds on the body. It also saves you from inconvenient healing methods.

It is much faster to make than a seawater solution. In this method, we only need to click the swab. This starts the medication so that we can apply it to our wound. This will save you time in measuring out salt and water and warming it in the microwave.

Is This Solution Effective?

This solution protects you from contamination. To prepare the solution, take the distilled water and mix sea salt in it. Read the tag to make sure you use non-iodized salt. This means that the salt does not contain anything else in it. A non-iodized sea salt solution helps you to get out any discharge from the body. It restores healing as well as prevents inflammation by improving blood flow to the body.

It also decreases swelling, which is a cause of pain at the site of the Piercing. Moreover, it also provides a quick healing process.

The ratio of salt to water is important. If the solution is not up to the standard, then this will also harm your body. Ensure that the solution is not saltier than your tears.

Why DO Experts not Suggest Use Table Salt Water?

Maintaining proper hygiene is important so as to avoid unnecessary pain. It also helps your Piercing to heal correctly.

People usually use water/salt solutions for cleaning purposes. If done accurately, it proves to be an effective method.

This method is safe to use for cleaning your wounds, provided you use sea salt and not table salt. The difference between the two is the presence of iodine.

Table salt works perfectly work as a condiment. It contains iodine which is a metallic substance. It irritates sensitive areas like wounds.

Why do They suggest Not to Use it?

The presence of iodine is very dangerous for healing wounds. Because it can increase inflammation, which results in infection, thus this is the main reason why experts do not suggest using this water on the infected Piercing.

On the other hand, sea salt is not iodized. So, it is considered safe to use instead of table salt. Remember, the salt-to-water ratio must be accurate because excessive salt will be dangerous for your skin wounds.

Why is Aftercare Solution the Best Remedy for Treating Piercing?

It is assumed as the best preparation to use. Ingredients are well combined in it, so we can not put on extra over our wounds. We only need to read the instructions and apply as mentioned on it. Locate the blue line, then pop to release the solution on the tip of a cotton bud.

Wash the whole surface carefully. Repeat according to the instructions given on the product. Go on until your wounds are completely healed. Be careful while applying the solution to the bruises, as it might be very fragile and painful.

It is produced in the USA under expert observation and scientific research. This solution helps in the natural healing of wounds. Hence, stops more infection in the building. It also eases the roughness produced by the jewellery. Additionally, it is checked in the laboratory to assure maximum safety and excellence for your well-being.

Final Verdict:

An effective and reliable cleaning method is essential for the complete healing of wounds and for avoiding infections. Piercing infection can be easy to heal, but sometimes avoiding the precautions can lead to severe reactions. It is necessary whether you have done your Piercing for the first time or you have done it several times.

A new piercing needs a lot of care. If attention is not given, then it gets worse with sensitive skin. You have found out that people use salt to clean their wounds. But it is not easy. You cannot mix any salt from your kitchen cabinet in water. It will need a few attempts to get it right.

For making a water/salt mixture, it is necessary that only sea salt is used and not table salt. Because salts like table salt, kosher salt, or Epsom salts have iodine in them, this is a harmful chemical. It affects the healing process, hurts your wounds, and causes infection to occur.


For Piercing, table salt can use or not?

For cleaning your wounds with a water/salt mixture, it is necessary to use sea salt only and not table salt since salts like table salt, kosher salt, or Epsom salts have iodine in them.

Which salt is best to clean the wounds?

The use of Non-iodized sea salt is best for cleaning wounds as table salt has iodine in it that cause irritation to your skin. Furthermore, it has dextrose(sugar), which is ideal for yeast infection.

Are sea salt and table salt the same?

Sea salt is an overall term used for salt formed by ocean water’s evaporation. Sometimes evaporation of water from marine water lakes. It holds trace minerals that give taste and colour. This is less refined than table salt. It is present in particle or crystal form.

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