Explore Different Variations of Face Piercing

You will be surprised when you come across the multiple options that you can enjoy while getting face piercings. Keep in mind that any person you get is supposed to be permanent.

This guide serves as a path for you to decide what kind of face piercing suits you and what kind of risks are involved. We will also be focusing on tips that help you to keep your piercings safe.

Types of Facial Piercings That You Need to Consider:

You will find various types of facial piercings. It is only normal to get overwhelmed by the choices suggested by the expert piercer. Following are some prominent wanted facial piercings nowadays.

Bridge Piercing:

Bridge piercing is commonly called pearl piercing. You get this piercing on the bridge of your nose. One thing you need to understand is that this piercing has a higher chance of rejection. However, it hurts less as compared to other piercings since it is located on the surface. As the name suggests itself, this piercing goes through the nose bridge and uses a hollow piercing needle.

The bridge piercing takes longer than usual. The approximate time of healing is about 8 to 12 weeks. If you’re wondering what type of jewelry you select for the bridge piercing, we often recommend people go for a barbell. It is a statement piece that instantly creates an edgy look. You will surely be grabbing a whole lot of attention while wearing barbell jewelry. You can find both straight and curved barbells.

Eye Piercing:

The eye-piercing consists of the piercing being done in your eyelids. The most common type of jewelry used for this is a captive bead ring. The approximate time required to heal this piercing is about 8 weeks.

You can pick both a bead and a ring to create a unique piercing with the jewelry. However, curved barbells are a popular choice among people. The most common reason to avoid a straight barbell for eyelids is the risk of rejection.

Cheek Piercing

We understand how conventional it may sound to you.Thinking about a piercing going through your cheeks. However, it is becoming quite normal nowadays and people love the results. And the cheek-piercingbead is pierced through your dimple. This cheek piercing is often called dimple piercing. For this type of piercing, we suggest you use a 14G or 16G needle rather than a piercing gun.

You will need approximately 8 to 12 weeks to recover from this piercing. The best type of jewelry for this piercing is a barbell ring or labret lips. When we talk about the out risks of rejection, the highest risk of rejection comes with a cheek piercing.

This is because the other teeth may damage the jewelry and piercing when they are rubbed against them occasionally. Therefore, bug swelling and pain are common results when going through a cheek piercing.

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercing is located adjacent to your eyebrow. The placement is right above your cheekbone. This piercing aligns with the edge of your eyebrow. Therefore you will see a different form of your face when you are clamping space piercing. The piercers use a common technique that is popular nowadays, known as the dermal punch or taper method for this kind of piercing.

This piercing will require 6 to 8 weeks to heal. We suggest using jewellery such as a curved barbell or 12G and 18G surface bars. Most people also anti-eyebrow piercing as a butterfly piercing since it is located on the ted of the upper cheek. Beware of the risk of rejection and scarring while getting this piercing done. Choosing a surface bar is more feasible when you are going foran anti-eyebrowpiercing.

Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings are quite common among people. It is easier to get and takes about 6 to 8 weeksto get here. You can choose to wear a stud, barbell or even a ring on this type of piercing. You can pick the safe piercing option on any part of your eyebrow. The needle used for this piercing is 14 to 16 gauge.

The risk of rejection in this kind of piercing is lower as compared to others. Moreover, you get to choose a wide variety of jewelry to try out. However, make sure you’re taking proper care of your eyebrow piercing while you are healing.

Considerations for Facial Piercing

Facial piercings are one of the popular piercings through which you can express yourself. However, there are some essential factors to consider before getting one.

Nowadays facial piercings are more in demand nowadays. That is why some people would like to have it. Before getting a facial piercing, make sure it’s allowed in your working area. Also, you must choose the right piercing jewelry before getting it.

Caring for a Facial Piercing

It’s true that facial piercings are not complicated to take care of them properly. However, it’s true that they require time and attention. Any facial piercing requires four to six months to heal, on average. In order to achieve this success and avoid any risk of rejection, you need to make sure that you take proper care. Make sure you’re cleaning your piercings and using the right material.

Use salt water and a saline solution to clean your hands and piercings while taking care of them. Keep your hands clean when you come in contact with your piercings. Your central integration process can be affected if you’re not taking proper care of your piercings. Using facial jewelry may disrupt the signals driven in your nerves.

This means that, ultimately, your postural control and eye alignment will be affected if you’re not taking proper measures. Later on, you will complain about pain and health issues related to piercings.


Body piercings are becoming a more common way to express your personality. Ear piercings and facial piercings are two of the common areas where people like to be bold. When we talk about facial piercings, they have an interesting history attached to them. People use this to enhance their fashion sense and to elaborate their personalities.

This article covers in detail how you can use a different types of facial piercings to enhance the features of your face. It can be used to express yourself and to choose a perfect statement jewelry piece.


What are other names for cheekbone piercing?

Some pieces are called cheekbone piercing as input piercing. The main reason behind this is that when you Pierce this section, it gives an illusion of a dimple on your face.

Is it likely for my cheek hole to grow back?

Cheap goals are possible to grow back if you have removed your jewelry. Make sure you keep your jewelry intact while your healing procedure is going on. The average time for this healing procedure is about 6 to 12 weeks.

Is it important to have dimples to get cheek piercings?

Cheek piercings provide an illusion of a dimple. However, you don’t need to have a dimple in order to achieve cheek piercings.

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