How Can We Make The New Piercing Heal Faster?

We all are conscious of piercing safety and healing. All of the piercings on the previous list should soak in saltwater or saline solution at least twice daily. Avoid doing anything that can bring bacteria to the area.

We have the ideal supplies for your piercing care needs. So no matter whether you have an uncomfortable or diseased piercing or require piercing aftercare items for your cleaning program. Explore our selection of aftercare items to learn more about the various items and how they can support your post-piercing aftercare routine. You take excellent care of your piercings and the surrounding skin!

Ways to Make the Ear Piercing Heal Faster

There are a number of different piercings that fall under the category of ear piercings, in addition to the lobe, helix, and cartilage. Daith, rook, tragus, and commercial piercings are a few examples.

The interior of the ear is pierced by small portions of cartilage for the tragus, daith, and rook piercings. Since they are in such a delicate place, they need a little extra care even though the same instructions about saline inspection twice a day. They are maintaining the area clean and still holding well.

Using earphones will rub against your piercings and spread bacteria to the area. However, they are slowing the healing of your rook, tragus, or daith piercing.

Keep in mind to clean both the outside and inside of the piercings after each cleaning for an industrial piercing that passes straight through both sides of the upper ear cartilage. Once more, avoid sleeping on the pierced ear, wearing over-ear headphones, and wearing sunglasses.

Ways to Make the Lip Piercing Heal Faster

Because of consistent contact with saliva, food, cosmetics, and other bacteria, lip piercings could be more prone to infection, particularly during the initial healing phase.

Furthermore, snagging the jewelry in your hair or on your clothes can irritate the piercing and spread bacteria.

Regular cleaning is the greatest approach to draining out bacteria and stopping further discomfort. You are showing indications of infection. You should use a saline or salt solution to clean two to three times per day.

  1. Saline-soaked a cloth or a heavy paper towel. Avoid using cotton swabs, cotton balls, thin towels, tissues, or cotton swabs since the fibers may get trapped in the jewelry and irritate it.
  2. Carefully wind the towel or cloth over the jewelry’s two sides.
  3. Ensure that your lip or cheek is clean on the inside and the outside.
  4. Continue in this manner as necessary. The jewelry and the area around the hole shouldn’t have any “crust” remaining.
  5. Avoid scraping or probing; these actions will irritate you.

How to Make the Cartilage Piercing Heal Easily?

Another common type of ear piercing is cartilage. These piercings, as opposed to lobe piercings, go through the more enduring area of your ear, around the side. In the end, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is the most important aspect of encouraging rapid healing of your piercings.

A natural anti-inflammatory, such as the aloe vera in Aftercare, can be given when some inflammation develops. But in the event of an infection or severe inflammation, consult your piercer or a specialist as soon as you can. These piercings require longer healing times, ranging from 4 months to a year on average.

Making sure that your cartilage piercing is performed using a needle rather than a gun is a good action you can take to ensure that it heals quickly once it is done. Cartilage can be damaged by piercing weapons, which requires a long healing process.

Also, avoid having two cartilage piercings done at once. Both piercings may take longer to heal due to the extra trauma at the site. Use the same guidelines that you would use with a lobe piercing once the piercing is completed. At least twice a day, give the area a saline bath and avoid sleeping on the piercing ear at night.

Avoiding baths and swimming is very important after getting cartilage piercings, extremely in the first few months.

How to Make the Eyebrow Piercing Heal Easily?

Rings, hoops, studs, and ornament in the form of barbells are popular decorations for eyebrow piercings. Curved barbells are useful for brows. On the other hand, they become less likely to tear or pull than a hoop and follow the curve of the brow.

  • Keep the area clean and avoid touching, moving, or removing the jewelry in the area.
  • Follow the aftercare items that your piercer has suggested. Avoid applying cosmetics to the area.
  • Three times daily, rinse with sterile wound-wash saline. Use sterile gauze pads or clean, disposable paper products to gently pat it dry.
  • Postpone getting your hair dyed, cut, or waxed while your body is still healing.
  • Avoid swimming pools while you’re recovering.
  • Keep away from ointments that have a sticky residue.

Both men and women enjoy having their brows pierced; this unisex beauty trend can include everything from a simple bead to hoops, charms, and barbells. However, some people elect to have many piercings spread out across their entire eyebrows. The norm for many is a basic piece of high-quality jewelry.

How to Make the New Lobe Piercing Heal Easily?

The typical lobe piercing is the most popular kind of piercing. As well as being among the simplest to heal, these are frequently the first and often the only piercings that people obtain. The typical healing time for a lobe piercing is six weeks. However, unique healing times might vary from one month to up to eight weeks.

  • The steps you may take to assist faster healing are rather simple in terms of general piercings aftercare since ear lobes aren’t normally a challenging area for healing.
  • As much as possible, refrain from handling your piercings while they are healing if you must wash your hands before touching them.
  • Using saltwater or saline solution for five minutes at least twice daily is the typical advice. Swab-form, which contains an isotonic saline solution along with anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and B-Vitamin components, is what we advise using.
  • Try your best to sleep on your back rather than your side to prevent night discomfort of your lobe piercings. If you often sleep on your side, this could not be easy. But it will help prevent bacteria from getting into your piercings.

How to Make the Helix Piercing Heal Easily?

Helix piercings are cartilage piercings as well. However, they are only seen at the top of the ear rather than along the sides. Usually, these piercings recover in three to six months.

The same considerations that apply to other cartilage piercings also apply to helix piercings: for now. They limit themselves to just one piercing in this location and choose the needle over the gun. Fresh pillowcases and half saline swabs both significantly shorten healing times.

The helix is more likely to get inflamed because it is more likely to come into contact with infections through contact with (or caught in) hair. If this occurs, using an anti-inflammatory product like emu oil can assist in resuming your healing process. On the other hand, be sure there are no additional components and that the product is fragrant.


The pleasure of obtaining a new piercing is something that many of us can identify with. There is scientific proof that the feeling associated with body piercings causes the brain to release endorphins.

Although getting pierced can give you an adrenaline boost. They are most people who have had their bodies pierced will agree that the soreness that comes with the recovery process is significantly less enjoyable. In general, vitamin B and zinc supplements can improve healing. Therefore, they should not be used as a substitute for thorough cleaning. Instead, pick a vitamin B-containing saline solution.

However, there are restrictions on what you can and cannot do while a piercing is healing, which makes waiting for it to do so difficultly. For instance, it’s not advisable to change your jewelry or go swimming while your piercing is still healing.


What procedure heals a piercing quickly?

Using saltwater or saline solution for five minutes, at least twice daily, is the typical recommendation. In the form of a swab, the Dr. Piercing Aftercare Solution contains an isotonic saline solution along with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and B-Vitamin components.

How long might it take for a fresh piercing to heal?

A new earlobe piercing normally takes 6 to 12 weeks to heal. Nevertheless, healing times vary from person to person as well as being influenced by the style of piercing you obtain. Further ear piercings, especially ones that involve the cartilage, can take several months.

In a week, can a piercing heal?

Although most piercings recover in around six weeks, some may require a few months or even longer. Keep the jewelry in place throughout this time, even at night, to prevent the hole from closing off and preserve the piercing.

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