Aftercare Guide and Potential Risks Involved in Eyebrow Piercing

Make sure the specialist you choose has plenty of experience performing this kind of piercing and can provide you with visual references from previous customers. Many piercers create very shallow piercings. It is harmful since the jewelry will eventually hang off the skin rather than remain flush with it.

Does It Really Hurt? – Pain level

Depending on the particular position of the pierced, piercing the eyebrows is generally more comfortable than many other piercings. There are clusters of nerves along the length of the eyebrow, with the central cluster being the largest. If discomfort is a problem, we advise abstaining from this area.

The average healing process is three to four months. But it can take up to six months depending on various variables, including body type. People tend to fiddle with this piercing more than others, which frequently leads to wounds or infections.

How Much Does Eyebrow Piercing Cost?

Although less common than other piercings, eyebrow piercing is not less expensive. The cost of getting pierced at a good salon or piercing shop is around $40.

Potential Risks of Eyebrow Piercing

Because of the eyebrow’s (obvious) direct range to the eye, eyebrow piercings require special care. Again, only a trained, certified professional piercer should conduct this piercing. In addition to these risks, eyebrow piercings. Other problems related to piercing the eyebrows, besides infection, include as follows:

Scarring can result from jewelry migration, the body rejecting the jewelry, or positioning. It may happen because, to the flat surface, the eyebrow experiences rejection or migration more frequently than other areas, such as the ear or nose. It may not be attractive to have surgical scars.

Nickel, which is present in alloys of jewelry made of gold-filled, stainless steel, or plating, is the allergen that people are most frequently allergic to. Nickel-sensitive people may experience adverse reactions from it, such as a rash, itching, and red or dry skin. In addition to nickel, studs and earring backs are frequently gold-plated.

  • It is necessary to take off jewelry if it causes an allergic reaction. Your doctor might recommend steroid creams.
  • Eyebrow piercings can take up to three days to heal, and there may be pain and difficulty along the way. You may feel pain or discomfort at that moment.
  • The rare possibility of nerve injury through body piercing can result in pain or numbness.

Rejection or migration

When a piercing migrates, it departs its original site and then sets and heals in a different place. When the body rejects a piercing, it removes it from the body like a splinter.

These consequences are more likely to develop when insufficient tissue is pierced. When the jewelry’s diameter is too small, or when it is made of an inferior alloy to which you are adverse or sensitive. Rejection can also result from poor aftercare. However, trying to keep the site clean or using harsh aftercare products.

How Can You Protect Against These Risks?

  • Look for a professional and certified piercer who follows exact cleaning and sterilizing procedures.
  • To minimize the chance of an allergic reaction, use a high-quality metal over a low-cost alloy.
  • Put on a little piece of jewelry first.
  • Use a curved barbell in place of rings to prevent migration.
  • Typical healing times and responses

Healing from an eyebrow piercing might take up to three months. You might experience:

  • Area reddening and discoloration throughout this period.
  • Long-lasting swelling or hardening of the tissue around the piercing.
  • Little fluid or crusting accumulations. This is usual, but it shouldn’t be smelly or green.
  • Little fluid or crusting accumulations. This is usual, but it shouldn’t be smelly or green.


Eyebrow piercing is a beautiful way to show one’s creativity and looks wonderful on people of all genders. But some risk comes along with their uniqueness. Constant aftercare is necessary since this kind of piercing is particularly susceptible to dirt and germs.

Clean the area with fresh, distilled water while being especially careful to keep your hand up from the piercing. It is advised to clean with saline solution at least twice a day.


How long do piercings of the eyebrow typically last?

Any piercing that passes through flat skin, such as an eyebrow piercing, will typically move closer to the skin’s surface with time. In other words, eyebrow piercings usually don’t last forever. Yet dependent on you and your anatomy, they could last anywhere from a few months to several years.

Are brow piercings frequently rejected?

The majority of piercers suggest returning to the shop about 2-3 weeks after your initial piercing to ensure that everything is healing properly. Since eyebrow piercings are surface piercings, they tend to reject severely. Therefore it’s best to watch it carefully and ensure that you’re caring for it.

What are the benefits of piercing the brows?

If the piercing is not done properly or you don’t practice basic aftercare, you could end up with visible scars. This piercing has a greater rejection rate than some others. It may shift or become trapped beneath your skin; while this is uncommon, it has happened.

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