Expert Guide for Ear Stretching – What to Know About it?

In order to avoid infection, professional piercers will also show you how to take care of your piercing. After your initial piercing, you’ll be provided kits so you can exercise ear stretching at home. Nowadays, ear stretching is still utilized and has been done for many years. Be sure to locate a skilled piercer if you ever want to expand your ears.

What is Ear Stretching?

Skilled piercers are equipped with the abilities and know-how. The tools are necessary to accurately and safely measure your ears until you are happy with the result.

Typically, most people start with a 14 gauge and progress through it to a taper of size 12. You already have piercings, specifically. If you enjoy wearing big, heavy jewelry, your ears are probably already significantly stretched.

What exactly is Slow Ear Stretching?

Some people want a fast size increase since they are impatient enough. We’re sure how to break it to you, but ear stretching takes time and is a slow procedure. A qualified piercer will explain why moving gradually is better if you hire them. Make sure to expand your ears one gauge at a time.

Does it get Healed Easily?

Your ears can be expanded whenever you wish. Your piercer will examine your piercings, though, to see whether they have fully healed. You should wait at least six months if you recently got pierced ears. Then and only will you be able to expand your ears properly.

Is it Permanent or Permeable?

Does ear stretch last forever? Some people opt to purchase a 0 gauge, after which the hole will simply decrease again. But not everybody can use this.

The time it requires for your earlobes to recover after the stretching process, the number of scar tissues that form after the extension. How long you’ve had your ears extended are some of the factors that can determine how much your ears shrink. You cannot go back to the original size if you select a 0 gauge and a four gauge.

What Sort of Materials are Used for Ear Stretching?

Tapers, plugs, and a lubricant are necessary ear-stretching tools. To expand the skin around your piercings, your piercer will insert a taper, a pointed, long tool. There are several sizes for tapers. Depending on your intended stretch-out size, the gauge will be chosen.


Your piercer will insert these round pieces of jewelry into your stretched ear. They can be created from titanium, silicone, silicone rubber, organic materials, or steel.


It is used to make it easier to put the taper into your skin. If you prefer plant-based lubricants, you can just use jojoba oil or coconut oil instead of the manufacturing lubricants that some stores sell.

Pain Level of Ear Stretching:

It may pain and tingle a little to expand your ears. It’s likely that the size is too large if you feel pain after the plug or taper is inserted. Your piercer might suggest a smaller gauge in this situation.

You will just feel a little discomfort and very little pain. If you are feeling severe pain, you may be stretching too quickly.

Ways to Take Care of Ear Stretching

Your next step is to just wait after your ears have been stretched. You run the risk of damaging or fracturing your cartilage. You force your ears to expand out too early. Here’s what to do if you’ve grown to the ideal size.

  • Avoid touching your piercing, particularly if you haven’t washed your hands with soap and water, to protect against bacterial infection.
  • Make sure to wash your piercing a minimum of two to three times a day.
  • Soak your earlobes in warm salt solution at least twice a day. Massage your earlobes once a day with jojoba oil or coconut oil to maintain them and moisturize them.
  • To prevent inflammation, stop having anything get stuck in your piercing.
  • When performed by a professional and skilled piercer, ear stretching is completely safe despite appearing to be a difficult and difficult procedure.
  • The essential thing to keep in mind is not to rush the stretching process.


A standard ear piercing is naturally as little as a needle hole. However, did you realize that you may expand that hole to the size of your mug’s base? It is the purpose of ear stretching. Gauging also referred to as ear stretching, is the practice of gradually stretching your earlobe piercings.


Does extending the ears hurt?

Depending on how big you want your ears to get, stretching can take months or even years. Your ear will be sensitive at this time. They should never be uncomfortable or under stress, although. Getting a larger one gauge size every four to six weeks is a decent general rule of thumb.

Why are ear stretchers used?

To begin stretching out the skin, you insert these lengthy, spiky objects into your piercings. Depending on how far you desire to stretch out your piercing. However, they are available in different sizes (or gauges). Steel or acrylic tapers are the most common.


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