What is Helix Piercing – Aftercare and Benefits Guide

We will cover everything in this article, from piercing your ear to aftercare tips. So, you must keep reading this article because you can explore many things.

There is enough space in the ear so that you can go for any piercing. You can go with any type of earlobe piercing. One earlobe piercing is the helix piercing which is also called cartilage piercing. It is the most common type because it is people’s choice. Besides, there are many customized jewelry styles.

You can’t find a medical reason for this type of piercing. People go for this piercing only for aesthetics. So, if you also want to get a helix piercing for any reason. Then here we will discuss many things about this piercing.

Helix Piercings Types – Expert Guide

Many types of helix piercings are in trend and very common. These are placed on various positions of the ear. The following are the famous types of helix piercing, so you must take a look at these types:

Standard single helix piercing:

This piercing is placed on the upper cartilage close to the edge of the ear. It is a very hurting piercing as compared to earlobe piercing. But it is no more painful compared to other types of helix piercings. You must wait for at least 3-6 months for its healing.

Double Helix:

There are two piercings in the uppermost but outer part of the ear cartilage. These piercings are placed vertically one on another. It is very hurtful as compared to a single piercing and takes almost 3-6 months to heal.

Triple Helix:

There are three piercings in the uppermost but outer part of the ear cartilage. These piercings are placed vertically, one on another in a row. It is very hurtful as compared to a single and double piercing and takes almost 3-6 months to heal.

Forward Helix:

It is also called antihelix piercing in the ear. It is placed in the horizontal position across the standard piercing on the cartilage at the ear front. It is more painful as compared to the common helix piercing and takes much time to heal. This duration may be from 6-10 months. You can also go for the double or triple forward helix piercing.

Myths Of Helix Piercing

The biggest myth is that people think helix piercing can get healed in some days. No, it is wrong because healing can take almost 3-6 months. The healing duration is based on the skin type.

After the healing of the helix piercing, you can feel better. You won’t face skin issues such as allergies or swelling after healing. But for this, you need to go for the best aftercare.

Another myth about this piercing is that you feel much pain as compared to other piercings. But it is false because you feel the same pain as in other piercings. Because of this reason, many women don’t want to go for it.

Before and Aftercare

Before getting a piercing, you must clean your whole ear with an antibacterial soap. Besides, you need to take a pain reliever for almost half an hour. It can decrease the chances of discomfort. Don’t use aspirin because it thins your blood. So there is more bleeding at the time of piercing. For this, you can use acetaminophen.

After piercing, your pierced area gets inflamed, and you can see sores. But it remains for some days, such as for a week. Suppose you notice these symptoms after one week. Then there may be chances of infection so you must go to your doctor.

The important thing is to clean your piercing as much as possible. It is good to apply alcohol on the piercing two times a day for at least two weeks. It can kill germs and decreases the chances of infection.

Signs of Infection

After piercing, you need much care because it can be prone to infection. If your new piercing gets exposed to bacteria, it can cause infection.

Further, if your piercing touches metal or any other allergic thing. Then it can cause many skin infections, according to a study in 2006.

The following are the symptoms that you can look for infection:

  • Heat in the piercing
  • Very warm tendon
  • Dangerous soreness or inflammation
  • Pus emission in the piercing area
  • Piercing is going to the outer part of the cartilage
  • Temperature

Besides the worse aftercare, you can also check many other causes that become the cause of infection in the helix piercing:

  • When you touch your ears without washing your hands
  • Pierce your ear without sterilizing an instrument
  • When you remove the jewelry before the healing of the piercing
  • If you swim in hot water before the recovery of the piercing

Tips on Taking Care of Helix Piercing:

  • After piercing your ear, you need to aftercare it to avoid any issues. So, the first thing is that don’t touch your pierced area. If you touch it without washing your hands, it becomes the cause of infection.
  • Suppose you have to touch the piercing after the process. Then you must wash it with antibacterial soap or water. After washing, don’t touch anything else if there is any skin infection due to the piercing. Then it takes much time to heal, so you must be careful.
  • After 2-3 hours of piercing, you need to clean the pierced area. Remember, never use the cream to clean the area. For this, you need to use the liquid given by your dermatologist. Creams can allow bacteria to grow and cause skin infections.
  • A special cleaning liquid is present in the market so you can use it. These solutions may be of tea tree oil or saline. You must clean the piercing twice daily to avoid any skin infection.

Helix Piercing Jewelry

Until now, you have learned all the aftercare tips to avoid infection or severe issues. Now, it’s time to know which jewelry you can wear after your piercing gets healed. Due to the spot of helix piercing, there are many styles of jewelry that you can choose from.

Captive bead rings

These are also fantastic pieces of jewelry for a helix piercing. In this piece, the hoop combines with the bead. Several colors of beads are available, so you can choose the one you like.

Helix hoop earrings

It is a favorite but common type of jewelry. The hoops look perfect and simple. If you have many piercings, then you must go for this option. It will increase the aesthetic look of your ear.

Curved and circular barbells

These are also the best and most beautiful parts of jewelry. It is a classic piece of jewelry in the ears with many jewelry beads.

Ear cuffs

These are unique to wear in the helix cartilage piercing. You can wrap these cuffs around your ear in the form of a hoop. These are thicker as compared to hoops.

Cartilage shields

These are the most significant part of the jewelry and the most prominent in your ear. These can cover a large part of the cartilage.

When to See a Doctor? Helix Piercing Care

You can consult your doctor when you notice any infection in the pierced area. He will apply a layer of antibiotics. So, you must consult the dermatologist as soon as possible.

Your dermatologist can determine whether you have an infection or allergy. So, he will decide whether you need an antibiotic or your cartilage needs cleaning. If you become suffer from a severe infection, then your dermatologist asks you to use IV antibiotics.

Further, if you don’t notice your infection, then it can enhance the chances of scarring. Though scars are not hurting, they are very dangerous.

Final Verdict:

Helix piercing is the most famous piercing of the upper portion of the ear cartilage. This piercing allows you to wear many styles of jewelry. Remember, it is a very painful piercing and takes much time to heal. Besides, there is more risk of infection in this piercing as compared to others.

The best way to decrease the risk of infection is to consult an experienced piercer. In case of infection, you must ask your doctor.


Are there any benefits to a helix piercing?

Though Helix is a famous type of ear piercing placed in the cartilage, it is present in the ear’s outer rim. It is said this pierced area of the ear help in allergy relief and controls symptoms of mobbing.

What do I need to explore before getting a helix piercing?

The following are the things that you must know before going for a helix piercing:

  • It is more painful as compared to other piercings
  • You must clean this piercing
  • Avoid sleeping, sitting, and standing in public water areas
  • Check it regularly to avoid infection

How do you sleep easily with a helix piercing?

When your helix piercing is new, it isn’t easy to sleep by the side. While after healing the piercing, you can sleep on your back. But remember, you still can’t sleep on your side.

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