How to Pick the Best Ring Size by Feeling it in Your Nose?

Before choosing the nose ring to wear on your nose, you need to find out the right size. You can explore various sizes and shapes of nose rings. So, it becomes challenging to find the one that fits in your nose.

Here, we will discuss the sizes of the ring for your nose. We assure you this post will help you find the perfect ring.

Perfect Size of Nose Ring – Varying Sizes

Several variations and sizes of nose rings are available in the market. But the typical size of the ring is almost 0.8mm in width and is created from the 20-gauge wire. Each nose ring has a different wire size based on the style of the ring. Most of the rings have a little ball at the tip, while some have a flat disc.

If you have no right assumption, which size is the best for your ring? Then you must choose the small ring as a caution. In this way, if you have to enlarge the ring, you can easily do it. Besides, you just need to care properly for your nose and ring. It will look perfect and also enhance your personality.

Types of Nose Ring Sizes 

Various sizes of nose rings are present in the market. These sizes are from dainty hoops to larger gauges. Which size is the perfect match for your nose? It is only based on the size and style of your nose. People with small noses can go for the small or thin hoop or gauge. At the same time, people with large noses can go for the thick or big hoop.

Further, many types of cluster rings are available. In these rings, many small hoops are present in the form of a cluster. People with a nose of any size can wear these rings. It gives a fantastic and modern look to the wearer.

1. Standard Nose Ring Sizes:

When you decide to buy a nose ring to enhance the look of your nose, then the main issue comes with which size is the best match. So, we are discussing some standard sizes that are the perfect match for your nose. Among all sizes, 20 gauge is the one that is more common.

Not only does size matter, but comfort also matters a lot. So, you must choose the size that is comfortable for you and heal piercing faster. If you can’t find the size, you can consult a piercer and get help.

2. Largest nose ring size:

Besides standard rings, large rings are also present in the market. These rings are created from metal or plastic and have large sizes. The rings are available with an open design, so anyone can easily see these rings.

Most people want a small ring that is beautiful but less prominent. At the same time, some people want a large ring that looks prominent. The best way to find a large-size ring is to wear different styles. Then it helps you to know which size is comfortable for you.

3. Smallest nose ring size:

All small rings can’t fit all people. It is important for an individual to check the size of the nose and then buy a small ring. Many small sizes rings are available in the market. So, it is easy for an individual to choose the one that fits in the nose.

If you don’t know which size is the best, then you must go for the small size. It is cautious if you want to enlarge it later. You also have a way to exchange the small ring for the large one if needed.

4. Standard nose ring size:

The common size of the ring is 20 gauge, and its width is almost 0.8 mm. though each individual has a different size of the nose. So, it is essential to first check the size of the nose. Then it becomes easy to find the size that fits the nose.

5. Common nose ring size:

The common size of the ring is 20 gauge, then 18 gauge, and the last, 16 gauge. Gauge is a term that is the width of the wire. So, if the gauge is more, it means the wire is thin. Similarly, when the gauge is less, it means the wire is thick.

Most people want to wear a bead ring with small balls in the ring center. However, no standard size of bead ring is present. But these are still common, and people like these rings.

Most Demanding Size for Nose Rings:

Suppose we talk about the famous size of the ring for your nose. Then it is only 20 gauge that is common for piercing. This size is commonly used for tragus and helix cartilage piercings. At the same time, the 18 size is also a perfect match for those who want to pierce for some time. Most people prefer the 22 gauge because it is thin and less prominent. The only ideal size is the one with which you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Nose Ring Gauge Sizes

When you are going to find the right gauge size for the ring, you must think about these factors.

  • First of all, the gauge is a part that goes into the nostril of an individual.
  • Secondly, the gauge size can help you to know the piercing size of the nose.
  • Third, gauge size is also essential to enhance the look of the wearer.

The following are the sizes of the gauge so you can choose the one that best matches your nose:

22 Gauge (6mm thick)

It is the thin but most famous size of gauge for rings. People use this size in the new piercing. It is the best option if you want to wear a ring that is not prominent.

20 Gauge (8mm thick)

It is a common nose ring size, and people use it in the new piercing. It is slightly thick as compared to the 22 gauge but originally thin. People who are looking for a modern and cozy ring can buy this size.

18 Gauge (10mm thick)

It is another size of gauge that is usually used for rings. It is slightly thick as compared to the 20 gauge but originally thin. People who are looking for a modern and cozy ring can buy this size.

Tips for Picking the Right Size of Nose Rings

Selection of the right ring size is essential. It is because the nose is the main feature of your face. So, it is good to enhance its look and ensure it compliments the nose. But the main issue comes when you can’t decide which size is the best.

Tip 1:

Firstly, you have to evaluate your face shape. People with round shapes can wear a narrow ring on their noses. In contrast, people with long faces can wear a slightly wider ring. People with oval faces can wear a ring of any size. It will look perfect no matter what is the size of the ring.

Tip 2:

Secondly, you need to check the position of the nose on the face. People with a nose near the eyes can wear a small ring. In comparison, people with noses far from the eyes can wear a large ring.

Tip 3:

In the last, you must know what type of look you want. The large ring is the perfect option if you want to make a dramatic look. While if you want to give a natural look, then the small ring is the best option.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed many types and sizes of nose rings. Now, we are assured that you can easily find the right size ring. If you still face confusion about which size is the best, you can talk to our experts and get the guide. We assure you that the experts will help you a lot in finding the perfect size.


How do I know what size nose ring I need?

The best way is to measure your nose piercing to know the right ring size. Remember that the inner width is not linked with the nose size. You can check the distance of the piercing from the nostril tips. For measurement, you can use a scale to know the width.

What size hoop nose ring should I get?

There are two standard sizes of the hoop nose ring. These are 5/16″ (8mm) and 3/8″ (10mm). So, people with long piercings need to get a large size nose ring. If you check the size of an existing hoop, it can also help you to get the perfect size.

Which type of nose ring is best?

L-type rings are the best type of nose ring among all other types. You can easily wear and remove it, and it also enhances your look.

Should my nose ring be tight?

No, it is not good if your ring is too tight for you to wear. In case of feeling pressure on the piercing, you can’t remove the ring if it is tight.

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