Jestrum Piercing (Vertical Medusa Piercing)

Introduction to Jestrum Piercing

Jestrum piercing has become quite popular among people looking to show their style and personality. It is a stylish and alluring type of body modification. In contrast to other facial piercings, this particular lip piercing requires vertically positioning a hole in the center of the upper lip. Jestrum piercing, which is frequently accessorized with stylish jewelry, gives a dash of originality and makes a fashion statement. Do you find the field of body modification fascinating? Have you ever contemplated enhancing your appearance by getting a jestrum piercing? Let’s investigate this unique mode of self-expression and examine the factors that have drawn the interest of so many piercing enthusiasts.

What is Jestrum Piercing?

The Jestrum Piercing mainly entails making a vertical hole in the philtrum area so the barbell can stick out of the skin twice and rest on top of two studs. It is located just beneath the nasal septum. The lower portion of the barbell used in this style of piercing curves around the bottom of the upper lip, and both ends of the piercing are visible from the outside. Having two existing places gives you the appearance of having two piercings and makes you stand out from the crowd. It is also known as Medusa vertical piercing.

The Procedure of Jestrum Piercing

The Procedure of Jestrum Piercing

  • You need to go to a piercing shop for Jestrum Piercing.
  • Instead of doing this piercing at home, you should look for a reputable studio because the procedure is rather complicated. Finding a skilled piercer is crucial for this piercing because it calls for precise double perforation.
  • You must ensure that your piercing master records the hole locations accurately and sanitizes all the tools in accordance with established procedures.
  • The upper lip tissue must be stabilized with a clamp, and a specific hollow needle punctures it.
  • The prominent jewelry is then carefully inserted after that.
  • The final step is to ask your piercer for the proper aftercare recommendations.

Furthermore, the importance of the placement is much greater than with a more typical upper lip piercing because both holes must line up to prevent the piercing from appearing out of place.

Pain Level of Jestrum Piercing

Pain Level of Jestrum Piercing

Even though the actual lip will be punctured, most people report that the jestrum piercing only registers moderately painful. Although less painful than piercing your cartilage, it will still hurt more than getting your lobe pierced. Finding a skilled piercer will influence how much agony you experience. The procedure will be performed at the least painlessly feasible by professional piercers. Try to find a piercer who can ease your experience if you’re anxious or have a low pain threshold.

Healing Time of Jestrum Piercing

Healing Time of Jestrum Piercing

Your jestrum piercing will heal externally before internal damage. The piercing’s interior will heal much more quickly than its outside. This is true of all piercings, but this one passes through thicker flesh. The surface of your jestrum piercing should take 6 to 12 weeks to heal, but the interior may take up to 6 months. Throughout the healing process, you must be cautious with your jewelry and always consult your piercer before discontinuing aftercare procedures.

Aftercare for Jestrum Piercing

Aftercare for Jestrum Piercing

You can shorten your recovery by being diligent with the appropriate aftercare. For a piercing that is both happy and healthy, abide by the following rules:

  • Only touch your piercing after first giving your hands a thorough wash.
  • Keep your jewelry in place until your piercing is fully healed. Full piercing closure can result from premature jewelry removal.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene while you’re recuperating.
  • When flossing or brushing your teeth, exercise additional caution.
  • You should twice daily clean your piercing as shown below.
  • Do two to three sea salt or saline soaks every day. This helps prevent infection.
  • Wash your hands and clothes frequently to avoid filth and bacteria.
  • You should clean your teeth and gargle with salt water after each meal.
  • Suck on some ice to ease the uncomfortable feelings.
  • To ease pain, apply piercing aftercare spray.
  • You should avoid swimming in lakes, rivers, or pools until your piercing has completely healed.
  • Avoid using lipstick over the perforated lip tissue.
  • Avoid moving your lips too much during the first few weeks following the piercing.
  • Avoiding alcohol would be beneficial, and hot meals should also be avoided because they can damage the piercing site.

Risk Factors of Jestrum Piercing

Risk Factors of Jestrum Piercing

You must be informed of the risks associated with getting your lips pierced. The following are some of these:


The risks of infection considerably grow and can lead to significant issues if the aftercare guidelines listed above are not followed carefully.

Medical Conditions

With this kind of piercing, there are several ongoing medical conditions to take into account.

Damage to Teeth & Gum

If you move your lips frequently or consume food more quickly, an interior piece of jewelry could harm your top teeth and gums.


You run the risk of scarring if you fiddle with your jewelry frequently. Therefore, you should refrain from handling the jewelry.

Jestrum Piercing Jewelry

Jestrum Piercing Jewelry

Curved Barbell

The preferred jewelry for the Jestrum piercing is a curved barbell. It’s crucial to select this shape because it will feel more in keeping with the contours of your body, lowering the likelihood of rejection. Although the selection of jewelry is small, there are tons of different curved barbell designs. Curved barbells with a typical ball bead at one end and a charm or gemstone at the other are perfect for the jestrum piercing. The joy will rest in your philtrum, with the ball end protruding from your lips, emphasizing the appearance of two piercings.

Cost of Jestrum Piercing

For the jestrum piercing, you should budget between $30 and $70. It would be best if you are looking for a piercer with Jestrum Piercing experience because the location is so crucial. It’s a good idea to check your piercer before scheduling an appointment. Their workspace should be spotless, and they should open the packages containing their tools in front of them. You must be able to see instances of their prior work from them. If they don’t tick off all these boxes, you must find another piercer.

  • In addition, you may purchase this for $30 to $60 in the US.
  • This piercing would cost between $15 and $40 in Europe.
  • The price would range from £20 to £50 in the UK.


Finally, jestrum piercing provides an intriguing and unique means of expressing one’s uniqueness and sense of style. It has been a popular option among individuals willing to stand out due to its distinctive positioning and visual appeal. Jestrum piercing is a worthwhile consideration whether you’re drawn to the allure of physical alteration or just looking for a novel and exciting approach to improve your appearance. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and select a reputable and skilled piercer to ensure a safe and successful surgery, like with another body modification. Why not take the plunge and get a gorgeous jestrum piercing on your top lip if you’re ready to accept this daring and enticing self-expression?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is a Jestrum piercing?

A: A Jestrum piercing is a lip piercing that goes through the philtrum, the vertical groove above the upper lip.

Q2: Does a Jestrum piercing hurt?

A: Pain levels can vary from person to person, but generally, Jestrum piercings can be moderately painful due to the sensitive area being pierced.

Q3: How long does it take for a Jestrum piercing to heal?

A: Healing times can vary, but on average, Jestrum piercings take about 6 to 12 weeks to heal fully. However, it’s important to note that individual healing times may differ.

Q4: What are the risks associated with Jestrum piercings?

A: Some risks include infection, swelling, irritation, scarring, rejection, or jewelry migration. Proper aftercare and choosing an experienced piercer can minimize these risks.

Q5: Can I change the jewelry in my Jestrum piercing?

A: Before swapping out the jewelry, it is typically advised to wait until the piercing has healed. Once healed, you can switch to different jewelry options, such as a shorter barbell or a different style that suits your preferences.

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