Madonna Piercing

The Marilyn Monroe piercing, often called the Madonna piercing, is a well-known facial piercing inspired by the famous beauty mark above Marilyn Monroe’s top lip. Named after the renowned music artist Madonna, who prominently wore this piercing throughout her career, it has become a stylish and risky option for people seeking to show their individuality. The Madonna piercing is an alluring and adaptable accessory that gives one’s appearance a dash of defiance and class. The Madonna piercing, its method, and aftercare will all be covered in this article as we delve into its appeal to admirers all around the world.

What is Madonna’s Piercing?

A single piercing on the right upper lip’s side is known as a “Madonna piercing.” Like the Monroe piercing, the Madonna piercing is on the right side of the face, whereas the Monroe piercing is on the left. The Monroe and Madonna piercings are combined to form angel bite piercings.

Difference between Madonna & Monroe Piercing

Difference between Madonna and Monroe Piercing

Marilyn Monroe and Madonna are two influential female figures that defied social expectations and had a significant impact thanks to their notoriety. Both ladies pursued their own goals and refused to conform to social expectations. That they would be named after the upper lip piercings makes sense.

Nearly the same piercing can be found on both Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Only which side of the face they appear on makes a difference. The Monroe Piercing, so named because it resembles the beauty marks on its respective star, is located on the piercing recipient’s left hand in the skin above the upper lip. In contrast, the Madonna is situated on the right.

The Procedure of Madonna Piercing

The Procedure of Madonna Piercing

  • The first step in any piercing experience is finding a reputable piercer.
  • The piercer will go over the procedure with you when you first arrive at the shop, and you’ll fill out some paperwork.
  • After establishing a sterile atmosphere and cleaning the piercing site, your piercer will call you back.
  • Piercer will subsequently mark the spot of your new piercing.
  • Before continuing, make sure you like the positioning.
  • The rest is simple and quick. Your lip will be clamped and immediately punctured by a hollow needle by your piercer.
  • The final stage is inserting your jewelry, and your piercer will go over proper aftercare with you.
  • Before you go from the shop, make sure to pay close attention and ask any unanswered questions.

Pain Level of Madonna Piercing

Pain Level of Madonna Piercing

The pain from Madonna’s piercing is rated as 4 out of 10. Since there are numerous nerve endings in the lip area, the operation is relatively painful, although it is over quickly. For the first several days, it’s typical for your piercing to be sore and swollen. Additionally, every experience is unique due to differing pain thresholds so you might find Madonna piercings more or less painful. To detach you from the agony, remain composed, take deep breaths, and keep an optimistic frame of mind.

Healing Time of Madonna Piercing

Healing Time of Madonna Piercing

The entire recovery after a Madonna piercing can take two to three months. Individual recovery times vary, and top-notch aftercare is necessary for a full recovery.

Aftercare for Madonna Piercing

Aftercare for Madonna Piercing

  • Only touch your piercing after first giving your hands a thorough wash.
  • Your lip may swell and hurt quite a bit after the initial piercing. It would help to avoid spicy and sticky foods, especially chewing gum, throughout the healing period since it can become stuck in your piercing jewelry.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and kissing while your piercing is healing, as these activities could spread bacteria.
  • You will require two different kinds of cleaning for your Madonna piercing. Swish a saltwater solution around your mouth twice daily to clean the inside of your Madonna piercing.
  • Ensure no food is lodged around your piercing, periodically use mouthwash to keep your mouth clean, and try to avoid touching it while it heals.
  • To prevent infection, avoid applying skincare or cosmetics to the piercing.
  • Stay out of public pools or on the open sea. This may bring in foreign microorganisms and result in severe issues.
  • When brushing your teeth, be mindful not to move your piercing. Maintain good dental hygiene.
  • Till your piercing has completely healed, keep your initial jewelry in place. Early excision increases the risk of infection and pierced closure. Ask your piercer any queries you may have.
  • To clean the outside of the piercing, gently soak it twice daily in a saltwater solution or Tea Tree Oil.

Risk Factors of Madonna Piercing

Risk Factors of Madonna Piercing

Problems may arise if you do not take your aftercare seriously. Watch out for the following issues:


To lower your chance of infection, stay away from the interactions mentioned above and clean your piercing frequently. To keep your piercing happy and healthy, use high-quality jewelry of titanium or surgical steel.

Gum and Tooth Degradation

Uncomfortable jewelry can erode your teeth or gums by rubbing on them. By always donning jewelry that fits properly, you can reduce this risk.

Keloids and Scars

Scarring on your piercing could be brought on by infections or straining. When expanding your piercing, be careful and pay heed to aftercare instructions. If you suffer swelling, bleeding, or soreness around a piercing, consult a doctor or your piercer.

Madonna Piercing Jewelry

Madonna Piercing Jewelry

Your Madonna piercing allows you to use flat-back lip studs. Most people prefer more delicate gemstone designs to resemble the beauty mark appearance closely. But you might use a big gemstone or charm if you want something more striking.

The location of the piercing should be considered when selecting jewelry. If you choose a stud with a red or black bead, it can, at first glance, appear to be a pimple. You should carefully choose your jewelry to project the look you want.

Make sure your jewelry fits flush against your skin without being too tight when it comes to sizes. This will reduce any possible oral harm. Have a piercer handy we’ll let you know what size is best for your anatomy, and we’ll stick with it. Even if your piercing is fully healed, your jewelry could embed or cause other problems if it is too tight, and if it is too loose, it could rub against your teeth and gums and result in oral problems.

Cost of Madonna Piercing

A Madonna piercing, often referred to as a Monroe piercing, can range in price depending on several variables, including the location, the piercing studio, and the piercer’s level of experience. Costs can also differ from one geographic region to another.

An average Madonna piercing can cost between $30 and $100. This cost often covers both the initial jewelry and the piercing itself. Remembering that pricing may be higher or lower based on the criteria above is crucial. Researching and speaking with many piercing studios in your neighborhood is always a good idea to get a precise sense of the going charge.


Finally, the Madonna piercing provides a unique and seductive technique to draw attention to one’s facial characteristics. This piercing has made a striking and stylish statement thanks to its homage to the renowned Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark and Madonna’s rebellious spirit. It is essential to approach the treatment cautiously and seek professional advice to ensure a safe and successful experience. Careful aftercare is also necessary to hasten the healing process and lessen the likelihood of complications. The Madonna piercing is a great option that enables people to embrace their distinctive style and inner rock star, whether selected for its visual appeal or as a way of self-expression.

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