How Long Can We Replace Your Earrings After Getting a Piercing?

The majority of piercers advise waiting at least six weeks. However, the piercing may not fully heal for several months. Avoid any actions that can strain your earlobes in the interim, such as sleeping on your side or using bulky headphones.

If you’re considering whether you should change your earrings after acquiring them, you should hold them off until the wound has healed. The majority advise waiting at least six weeks, but the full healing process could take many months.

In the interim, refrain from engaging in any actions that can strain your earlobes, like sleeping on your side or wearing them!

Right Time to Replace Your Pierced Earrings

When you wear the same style of earrings daily, cleaning them once a week is suggested. If you change pairs, you can clean them once a month or as necessary. You should try to clean your earrings more frequently if you have delicate ears.

It is advised to wait 6 to 8 weeks after getting an ear piercing before considering changing out your earrings. This is advised because the healing time for a piercing is 6–8 weeks. It should be noted that everyone heals at a different pace. So you should wait until your piercing is fully healed before attempting to change out the jewelry to avoid infection.

Ear cartilage heals more slowly than typical lobe piercings. Such piercings often take three months to 1 year to completely heal. Before six months, we do not advise replacing your piercing.

In order to prevent keloid scars from appearing around cartilage piercings. It is advised that you see a piercings store when you want to replace this for the first time.

Ways to Take Care of Your Ear Piercing

Even though ear piercings are more popular and less dangerous than other body piercings, if not done responsibly, they can still cause problems.

Dermatologists advise everyone with new ear piercings to follow these tips to prevent issues such as infection or piercings that shrink or close:

  1. Wear the earrings for at least six weeks, including at night.
  2. Before touching freshly pierced ears, always wash your hands. This lessens the risk of infection.
  3. Carefully wash your piercings at least once every day with water and a light, fragrance-free soap. This also aids in avoiding an illness.
  4. After washing your piercings, give them a thorough rinse. You should fully rinse the soap away. Avoid getting water in your ears at all costs.
  5. Gently spread a small layer of petroleum jelly from a squeeze tube around each hole. Use a squeeze tube whenever possible to avoid infecting your piercings with any bacteria that might be in an open jar. Cleaning your earrings once a week is advised if you are wearing the same style every day.
  6. Give importance to your ears. You might have an infection if your ear becomes infected, red, or puffy or if a hole starts to exude yellowish liquid. See a dermatologist who has attained board certification if any of these symptoms persist.

See a board-certified dermatologist if you have any concerns about having to take care of your piercings.


Are you aware of the beneficial aspects of a fresh piercing? It’s the excitement of finding new jewelry. People who have had their ears pierced are frequently ready to switch out their original jewelry for their ideal pair of earrings.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to change out your jewelry, expert piercers generally wait a short while because doing so too quickly could increase the chance of infection in your piercings.

What may have been a fantastic experience can become a total nightmare. You must be careful and aware of your activities if you receive a new piercing. If you have skin piercings, wash the area with soap and water twice daily. When cleaning your piercing site, make certain to wash your hands. Don’t go swimming. While your piercings are healing, avoid using hot tubs, rivers, lakes, and some other bodies of water.


After a month, can I change out my earrings?

If you have pierced ears, you must wait until the piercing has fully healed before switching out your earrings. The majority of piercers advise waiting at least six weeks. However, the piercing may not fully heal for several months.

What occurs if I switch out my earrings too soon?

Early earring repair increases the chance of infection, an allergic reaction, and/or piercing closure. It is preferable to hold off until they have recovered entirely.

How can I tell whether the piercing has healed?

Ear lobe piercings usually heal completely in 4-6 months, but higher or inner ear piercings require 6-12+ months. Whenever any discharge, swelling, redness, flaking, or discomfort ends, your ear will be considered healed.

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