Shark Bites Piercing

A distinctive and daring form of body alteration that has become more well-known recently is shark bite piercing. Two symmetrical piercings on the lower lip, simulating the razor-sharp teeth of the dangerous predator, were used to create this piercing, inspired by the vicious appearance of a shark’s bite. Shark bite piercing has grown popular among people looking for a unique and risky way to express themselves, thanks to its edgy and stunning design. This article will thoroughly introduce this intriguing form of body art by examining the process, pain level, healing time, aftercare, and issues related to shark bite piercing.

What is Shark Bites Piercing?

Even though shark bites are a relatively uncommon piercing, they merit some attention. Shark bite piercings have four holes, two on either side of the lower lip, giving them a distinctive appearance. The only difference between a shark bite and a snake bite is that there are two piercings rather than one in each region. These piercings are named after the layered appearance of a shark’s teeth, not because they make you look like you’ve been bitten by one.

Two twin piercings on each side of the lower lip come together to form a shark bite.   These piercings are performed by having a skilled piercer insert a needle into the skin at a specific location, starting from the inside of the mouth. This procedure is repeated four times, with or without using a clamp to pull the skin taut, depending on your piercer’s preference. The labret or barbell backing is then inserted once the needle has been inserted into the skin. The threaded end of the jewelry is then affixed to maintain the piercing in place after it has been poked through to the outside.

Shark Bites Piercing Procedure

Shark Bites Piercing Procedure

Before obtaining any piercing, it’s critical to locate a trustworthy piercer.

  • Your piercer will go over the procedure with you when you get to the store and have you fill out some paperwork while they set it up.
  • When prepared, they will call you back and clean your lip first.
  • With a surgical pen, four marks will be created to indicate the locations of your piercings.
  • Before continuing, make sure you like where the marks are.
  • Afterward, the piercer will clasp your lip to keep it still and pierce it with a hollow needle.
  • Once the hole has been made, the piercer will change out the needle for jewelry. They must carry out this process four times for authentic shark bites.
  • Before departing, your piercer will go over the aftercare instructions with you.
  • Make sure you comprehend what is required, and if you have any questions, ask them.

Pain Level of Shark Bites Piercing

Pain Level of Shark Bites Piercing

The individual piercings won’t hurt any worse than a labret piercing, which is roughly in the middle regarding pain. However, you will need to have four punctures, raising the discomfort’s intensity. An expert piercer will reduce your pain as much as possible, but if you’re worried, you should wait a few days between piercings so that each piercing has time to heal before being poked with the needle again.

If you decide to get all four piercings at once, be aware that you can experience significant swelling. Any piercing will swell a little, but the shark bite piercing has four holes in a fleshier place, likely hurting a lot for a few days after the piercing.

Healing Time of Shark Bites Piercing

Healing Time of Shark Bites Piercing

Typically, a shark bite piercing takes 2 to 6 months to recover. The various piercings don’t necessarily heal more slowly than a single lip piercing, but they will need more aftercare attention. Each piercing should have its aftercare regimen to ensure complete healing.

Risk Factors of Shark Bites Piercing

risk factors of shark bites piercing


Infection is the most common risk factor in all types of piercing. It’s crucial to adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer because infecting your new piercing is straightforward. Redness, heat from the hole, swelling, pain, a fever, or yellow or green pus are all indicators of infection.


Keloids can develop if you are sensitive to scarring, so be sure to inform your piercer in advance if you are. When your body makes more scar tissue than is required to cover a wound, keloids are created.1 Fortunately, they are typically cosmetically unappealing but painless.

Teeth Erosion

Lip piercings frequently involve the danger of tooth erosion. Your teeth may become damaged if your lips move constantly. Make sure your jewelry fits you properly to prevent this. Initial jewelry is frequently longer to account for swelling; however, you can change it once the wound has healed.

Rejection of jewelry

Sometimes, cheap and plated jewelry can result in a piercing reaction. By selecting fine jewelry made of titanium or surgical steel, you can avoid these problems.

Aftercare of Shark Bites Piercing

aftercare of shark bites piercing

Since this piercing is close to your mouth, which contains a lot of bacteria, you need to take additional care to keep it clean. With the shark bite piercing, you have four new pieces of jewelry on either side of your mouth, making it a bit of a minefield to traverse while eating. Additionally, unique jewelry in the mouth area tends to be chewed upon.

Here are some suggestions for treating your freshly pierced shark bite.

Soak in Sea Salt Two to Three Times a Day

An infection is never desirable, but you especially want to avoid getting one if you have facial piercings. Four piercings will put extra strain on your body, so assist it by performing sea salt soaks to flush out the piercing thoroughly. You’ll need to do one for each side, but if you find a cup big enough, you can wash two piercings simultaneously.

Eat Soft Foods for the First Few Days

You must adjust your new jewelry in any piercing around the mouth. You typically only need to bother about one piercing, though. You will have four jewelry pieces with the shark bite piercing, which will be more significant to accommodate swelling. You won’t get used to the new jewelry until you chew on it at least a few times. For the first few days, it’s a good idea to consume soft foods until you become used to wearing your new jewelry as you chew to prevent breaking your teeth.

Maintain your Health

Four piercings will need your body to work extra hard to heal. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco, getting lots of rest, and eating correctly will speed up healing. Your body will appreciate your acting like you are recovering from a cold.

Keep Alien Chemicals and your Partner at a Distance

It’s crucial to avoid exposing your piercing to anything that can promote infection as it heals. This includes any product that can clog your piercing or contain dangerous chemicals, such as face wash, lipstick, or cosmetics. Additionally, you shouldn’t engage in oral sex or kissing while recuperating.

Avoid Infection

Bacteria can originate from anywhere, and it’s crucial to remember this when healing many piercings. Lessening exposure to the following things will reduce the risk of infection:

  • Either smoking or drinking.
  • Acidic and spicy meals.
  • Oral interaction with different things or people.
  • Swimming in public pools or the open ocean.
  • Putting lipstick or cosmetics on the healing area.
  • Early jewelry removal can result in piercings closing up entirely.

Cost of Shark Bites Piercing

Since the shark bite piercing comprises four punctures, it is slightly more expensive than other piercing styles, but you won’t have to pay for each one separately. Costs could range from $80 to $150. This cost frequently excludes jewelry.

Ensure your piercer has the experience; you’ll get several piercings simultaneously. For one piercing, you might be able to put up with the discomfort of subpar techniques, but you don’t want to endure four agonizing piercings at the hands of a novice. Pay more for experience if you’re going to do yourself a favor.

Shark Bites Piercing Jewelry

shark bites piercing Jewelry

Labret Studs

Labret studs feature a flat back with a threaded attachment on one end, typically a detachable ball. The most common type of jewelry for lip piercings is this.


Since barbells have greater space between each end, they are a better option for people with broader lips. A barbell features a fixed and moveable ball on either end rather than a flat back like a labret stud.

Circular Barbells

A circular barbell is a further option. With the additional beads at the barbell ends, this option makes the piercing appear to have four holes on either side. This look is for you if you’re seeking something daring.


You can choose hoops if you want something in the middle. C seamless hoops and captive bead rings are the most common hoop designs for shark bite piercing. You won’t find a look like a hoop flush against your lip anyplace else.


Shark bite piercing offers a beautiful and inspiring method to express oneself. This body alteration necessitates careful attention and responsible maintenance due to its individualistic beginnings, rigorous process, and required aftercare. While there are risks involved with every piercing, shark bite piercing can be a rewarding and self-expressive decision for people who embrace their audacity if done with the proper research, medical supervision, and rigorous aftercare. Shark bite piercing is a tribute to the variety and originality found in body art, whether you are drawn to it for its aesthetic appeal or want to show off your individuality.

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