Spider Bites Piercing

Piercing has long been an intriguing form of self-expression in body modification. The possibilities range from complex face piercings that draw attention to earlobes embellished with sparkling studs. Spider Bites Piercing has seen remarkable popularity among the numerous alternatives in recent years. This risk-taking and cutting-edge decision has enthralled the adventurous since it enables them to make a strong statement through their appearance. Join us as we dig into the fascinating world of Spider Bites Piercing, examining its history, distinctive fashion, and the daring people who choose to sport this eye-catching decoration.

What is Spider Bites Piercing?

The lower lip is pierced twice, one on each side, just below the corner of the mouth, creating the appearance of two spider bites. They resemble a spider bite because they are close to one another.

Spider Bites Piercing Procedure

Spider Bites Piercing Procedure

You can expect your piercer to:

  • Use a medical-grade disinfectant and warm, clear water to clean the exterior of your lips.
  • Clean and sterilize the tools used to perform the piercing, including the jewelry and needles.
  • Use a marker or pen made for the skin on your lips to mark the area of your lips where the jewelry will be inserted.
  • The first piercing is made by swiftly but delicately inserting a sterilized needle into your skin to prevent contact allergies or sensitive reactions.
  • Put some jewelry in the newly opened piercing.
  • If any blood was drawn during the piercing, stop and clean it up.
  • Steps 3 to 5 must be repeated for the second piercing.
  • Clean the outside of your lips once more to lessen the possibility of infection.

Pain Level of Spider Bites Piercing

Pain Level of Spider Bites Piercing

The various piercings shouldn’t hurt too much; for comparison, a nose piercing will pain more and a lobe piercing less. However, because two piercings will be placed near one another, there may be increased pain and nerve irritation. Consider spacing out the piercings by a few days if you have a poor pain threshold.

Healing Time of Spider Bites Piercing

Healing Time of Spider Bites Piercing

You should budget 4 to 12 weeks for healing. Everyone heals at a different rate, but following aftercare procedures throughout the healing process can speed up your recovery. It is best to have your piercer check your piercing before discontinuing aftercare procedures because your piercing will seem healed before it is. No matter how well you care for yourself afterward, sometimes the body needs more time to heal.

Risk Factors of Spider Bites Piercing

Risk Factors of Spider Bites Piercing

There are potential risk factors that you might experience with any piercing, such as:

  • Infections from incorrect aftercare or from your piercer not using sterilized instruments, such as nickel
  • Piercings being pulled or torn out of the skin if they get caught on clothing or an item
  • Allergic response to the materials used in your jewelry
  • Embedding which means skin growing over the jewelry if the jewelry is too little and doesn’t protrude from the skin far enough
  • The body may reject it and grow new tissue that pushes the jewelry out of the piercing location, causing it to fall out.
  • Injury to the nerves is caused by poor piercing techniques or piercings performed too close to the sensitive nerve ends.
  • Jewellery falling out soon after the piercing, especially if it’s challenging to put it back in
  • Tooth damage from jewelry or plaque buildup.
  • Pain or swelling around the piercing skin
  • Around the piercing, that feels unusually hot pus or discharge that is green or yellow unusual
  • Bad odor coming from the piercing close to the piercing

Aftercare for Spider Bites Piercing

Aftercare for Spider Bites Piercing

The healing process for a spider bite lip piercing is no more complicated than that of other lip piercing styles. Most potential concerns with the mouth, such as poor oral hygiene, biting on jewelry and chipping teeth, and forgetting to clean the healing piercing of food particles, are oral.

Here are a few pieces of advice to speed up healing.

Use a Sea Salt Rinse to Clean your Mouth

You should perform saline, or sea salt soaks at least twice a day to rid the piercing of harmful bacteria, just like with any other piercing. Adding a sea salt mouth rinse to the mix for mending lip piercings is a good idea. This will remove bacteria from your mouth and clean the rear of your piercing.

Use Softer Toothpaste

Your piercing may become irritated by the mint in your toothpaste, especially in the early stages of recovery. For kids, consider using toothpaste with a softer flavor, such as bubblegum.

Consume Soft Food

Biting your jewelry is a significant risk associated with lip piercings. In order to allow swelling, your first jewelry will be larger, making it easier for you to chew on. Eat soft meals as you adjust to the piercing to prevent a dental emergency.

Don’t Sleep on the Pierced Side

Even when you are sleeping, aftercare never stops. It would help if you tried your hardest to avoid sleeping on your fresh piercing. Placing pressure on your new piercing could result in embedded jewelry or piercing rejection since your pillow contains hazardous bacteria. To prevent this, puncture the side of your body that receives the least sleep so you can take care of it even while unconscious.

Spider Bites Piercing Jewelry

Spider Bites Piercing Jewelry

With this kind of lip piercing, you could experiment with the following jewelry designs:


Hoops are the most frequent and well-liked piece of jewelry utilized for spider bite piercings.

Flat Disc Labret Studs

Many choose flat disc labret studs to achieve the fanged biting appearance effectively. Simple bead ends serve as the venomous fangs’ bite marks. Numerous bead designs are available, including spikes, charms, and diamonds.

Circular Barbells

A circular barbell is a thick ring with a horseshoe form and removable round beads at each end.

Captive Bead Rings

A thick, completely circular ring with a spherical bead in the center, where the two ends of the circle connect, is known as a captive bead ring.

Curved Barbells

A curved barbell is a bar-shaped piercing with spherical beads attached to each end.

Twisted Barbells

You can even use twisted barbells for a completely distinctive appearance.

Cost of Spider Bites Piercing

You should budget $40 to $80 for a spider bite piercing. You must locate a piercer who can assist you in placing your piercing where it will cause minor damage to your teeth and gums. Finding a piercer who can work around your crooked teeth is particularly crucial if you have them.

It’s crucial to locate a skilled piercer. A professional piercer will be able to fit you with the right jewelry, explain the best aftercare procedures, and ensure that your piercing heals properly. The first step to simple healing is picking the right piercer; if you choose the wrong one, your piercing may not heal properly.

Final Thoughts

In a society where individual taste is unrestricted, Spider Bites Piercing stands out as a symbol of bold originality. This piercing technique has evolved into an iconic representation of self-expression, starting as a subtle allusion to the eight-legged animals that gave rise to its name and ending as a fashion statement. Spider Bites Piercing offers an exciting chance to push limits, whether you’re driven to the rebellious spirit of body alteration or simply looking for a way to express your style.

So let your inner edge comes through and let Spider Bites Piercing change your appearance into a daring work of art by casting its spell. You have learned almost everything from this article. You know the risk factors associated with it and aftercare tips during the healing process. You also see the cost and jewelry types that could be used in this type of lip piercing. Bring out your wild side and go on an adventure that will make an everlasting impression on your body and psyche.

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